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Adding 2nd hard drive to Precision T3400

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Adding 2nd hard drive to Precision T3400

  • I have a Precision T3400 running WinXPpro.  I looked at the manual for instructions on adding a second drive.  It says to connect the second drive to SATA1 (primary drive is connected to SATA0).  Unfortunately, the optical drives in this computer are connected to SATA1.  There is nothing connected to SATA2, 3, etc.  Do I connect the drive to SATA2? or do I move the optical drives to SATA2 and connect the hard drive to SATA1?  If I do this will WinXP blow a gasket since the optical drives will have moved?




    Also, I dual boot Ubuntu, will it be annoyed if I move the optical drives? 

  • chperry

    Connecting the hard drive to SATA2 should be fine.

    Remember to check in the system setup, that the SATA2 hard drive is set to 'auto' [on].


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