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Dell Inspiron Not Reading CD-ROMS

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Dell Inspiron Not Reading CD-ROMS

  • I have a Dell Inspiron Desktop (530S):



     My DVD/CD-ROM drive is labeled as HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H3IN ATA Device and I'm having issues with the drive readong audio CDs. It will read DVDs fine, but it has issues reading CD-ROMS. They can be purchased or burned from someone elses computer and it may or may not read them. Sometimes it picks them up quickly and other times it just won't read them at all (the same exact CD or different ones). I'm running Windows Vista Home Basic SP1 and this computer was purchased early last year. I tried updating my driver, but Windows said the most up to date drivers were already istalled for the device. I'm not sure if this is a computer issue or Vista. When I try to get the system to read the audio CD, through Computer, nothing happens. Inserting the CD doesn't iniatiate auto-start, so I'll click the drive manually. It will ask me to insert a disc, even though one is already inserted, and when I close the disc tray it continues to read the disc indefinitely, almost as if it is stalled. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  • It is possible that the CD laser may be failing.  Test it by
    running the Dell diagnostics.  You can access the diagnostics
    by pressing F12 at startup while the blue Dell screen is showing.
    That will give you access to the boot menu where you choose the
    Utility Partition and run the Custom test for the drive.  Have
    a data Cd ready.  A data cd is not a music CD.  Use a program
    install disk or the Dell Drivers and Utilities.
  • Thanks so much for the reply. I have two quetions, though. Is is possible that the laser is failing even if it reads DVD disc fine? There's no issue reading DVDs, only CD-ROMS. Also, I don't get a blue screen when I boot my computer?
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  • Sorry, I misread your post. I thought you meant an actual blue screen, not the blue text. I ran the test in which it tested the drive (asked me to insert a CD, opened and closed the disc tray, etc.) and the drive passed all of the test.
  • There are two lasers in the drive.  One is for
    DVDs and the other is for CDs.  One can fail
    while the other can remain functional.
  • When you swrote you tried to update the driver, did you mean the
    Firmware here ....................

    The CDs the drive has problems reading; are they commercial CDs,
    burned CDs or both?  Does it have problems read both data and music CDs?

  • No, I tried to do it through Windows (where it says it searches your computer and the Internet). I had no idea Dell offered driver updates. I also didn't know that there were two lasers in the drive. Thanks for informing me.  The dive has issues reading commerical and music CDs. It reads Data Cds correctly, though. I'll try the update and see if it fixes anything. Thanks
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  • I can't find any driver updates for the drive. The driver date for the one installed is 6/21/2006 which is before I purchased the computer.


    The update you posted says its for the drive:


    HLDS GSA-H31N HH SATA 16X DVD+/-RW Drive


    My drive is labeled as:



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    are the same.

  • Oh, okay. Well then I will go ahead and install it and see if it fixes anything. Thanks.
  • I got an error message and the application seems to be hanging. Windows says that it is still running, but nothing seems to be happening:




    There is a screenshot of my desktop and what I'm looking at. I'm really praying that my drive hasn't failed. :mansad: 

  • KRTS -


    Did you ever find a resolve to this issue?

    I am having the same problem.