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Inspiron 1521 CD-ROM / DVD Player not working or does not have power.

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Inspiron 1521 CD-ROM / DVD Player not working or does not have power.

  • I bought my computer a month ago and everything was working fine. Two days ago, I noticed that my CD-ROM tray would not come out and the LED light beside the eject button would not turn on. I re-started my computer and after the DELL logo I got a white screen asking me if I wanted to connect a drive and re-start the computer or ignore the problem and continue. I did that and Windows Vista loaded, but now when I go to My Computer, I don't have a CD-ROM drive.
    I followed the instructions for removing and re -inserting the CD-ROM drive from my computer; It worked fine and my CD drive got power and I was able to open it using the eject button, but after a while the drive letter for my CD-ROM dissapeared again from my computer and it seems like it's not getting power.
    My system is:
    Inspiron 1521
    Windows Vista
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor TK-55
    1 GB RAM
    Any suggestions?

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  • It seems to be a connection or contact problem.  Reseat the drive again
    in the effort to improve and maintain the connection.  Also inspect the
    connection for foreign matter or dust.

    When the drive disappears in Computer, does it also disappear in the Device
  • Yes, Skybird. It also disappears from the device manager. I thought it could be a BIOS problem, but the thing is, when I re-start the computer, sometimes it detects the CD-ROM drive and loads Vista without problems, when I go to my computer, I can see the icon for the CD-ROM drive and I can see it in the device manager, but after a while it disappears. I also checked for dust or loose connections between the CD-ROM and the computer. So far no luck.
    I called Dell Customer Service and they sent me to Best Buy, where I bought the computer, they (Best Buy) said there was something wrong with my drive, but since I had not bought an extended warranty with them, and already had past 15 days after I purchased my computer, there was nothing they could. Dell says their warranty is honored through Geek Squad (Best Buy technicians.) I just had it going back and forth... And calling customer support. I don't have the time for that. I'm happy with my computer and to me, this is just a little nuisance. I know it's nothing that can't be fixed. Either those Geeks are getting to smart or they all are becoming lazy. I think it's the latter. I'm not a technician, but I have some knowledge about this stuff. I fixed two computers of people waiting in line while waiting for those Geeks. I guess  I could work for them if ever go unemployed!
    I think it might be a loose connector. Is there a way to know that for sure. Maybe something wrong with the motherboard? I notice that when the computer starts, if it detects the CD-ROM drive, it goes to the Windows Vista Screen faster. So, I think is either a bad connection between the motherboard and the drive or a BIOS problem. What do you think?
    But if it is a BIOS problem, then it should not detect the drive at all. And sometimes it does detect it, but after a while it disappears from Windows.
    Your advice will be most appreciated!
  • I think the BIOS is fine.  You are right on target about a contact
    or connection problem.  How long is the standard Best Buy warranty. 
    Must be greater than 15 days. 
  • The warranty is just for 15 days. I bought it on January the 3rd. I found out that if I put the computer on hibernation and then power on the computer, the CD-ROM drive appears again in my computer and can use it. I was able to install files from the CD drive, so I guess that could work. I'm going to try writing to a CD next...

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