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Hard Drive exceeded normal operating range.

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Hard Drive exceeded normal operating range.

  • I need help with this one.
    I am helping a friend with a problem to his Dell computer.
    everytime he starts his computer, right before the windows logo, a notice appears.  This is exactly how it reads.
    Notice:  The primary IDE master Hard Drive self Monitoring system has reported that a parameter has exceeded its normal operating range.   Dell recommends that you back up your data regularly.  A parameter out of range may or may not indicate a potenetial Hard Drive problem.
    strike F1 to continue F2 to run the setup utility.
    How can I fix it so he does not receive this notice anymore. 
  • Basically, it is telling you that the HD is expected to fail. I don't believe Dell's allow you to disable SMART errors, but you can check.

    Ignore this at your (his) own peril. If the HD or computer is under warranty, I would get it replaced ASAP. If not, I would still replace it unless you don't care if it fails unexpectedly.

  • Interesting, the owner of the defected PC is also named Peter.
    Anyway, his Hard Drive is failing.
    He has one of the small Dell desktops, I believe it is one of those 2550 series Dimension.
    I have onced open his case to reveal that he only had one Hard Drive slot.  Upgrading to another additional HardDrive would have meant installing new brackets. 
    I would like to replace his Hard Drive ASAP.  If I backed up his entire infected Hard Drive into a new Hard Drive, would I still get that SMART error screen?
    How do I go about Replacing a single Hard Drive?  Any suggestions?     
  • Oh, by the way,  The computer is a few years old and uses the IDE cables for all drives.
  • You want to move everything over to the new (reliable) HD so that you end up with a single drive (at least in my opinion).

    You can clone the HD if the original is still working. Or you can install the OS on the new HD and copy your data over.

    You will get the SMART error as long as the original drive is in the machine and it is still having problems. They will go away as soon as you replace it with a working drive.

  • ToyUser wrote:

    '....I believe it is one of those 2550 series Dimension....'

    Are you certain that this is the right Dimension model number, Dell does not list it?

    See here.


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  • I believe it is the 2400 series or the 2100 series.
    It is definetly a lot smaller than my Dimension 4550 series.
  • Same problem here :(

    Since yesterday the second HDD of my E521 fails. SMART-Test returns the error given above, Dell System Utilities also return an error with the second HDD (Error Code 0F00:0244 / "Msg: Block 6284439: Uncorrectable date error or media is write protected" ).

    It seems to me that I've to replace the HDD (system is exactly one year old, so I would call the Support before doing something) - or does somebody have another suggestions?

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  • If you are unsure if the warranty will cover the drive, you can always try. Otherwise, just buy yourself another HD. They are pretty cheap. If the old drive is still working you have a chance to clone it or at least copy off any important data. If you wait too long, the old HD my die.