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Dell Inspiron 5100 - Original Software Recover CD's to install Win XP, drivers, DVD player software

  • Hello,
    For a Dell Inspiron 5100
    How can i make the Original Software Recover CD's to install Windows XP, all the drivers, standard utilitys and software for the DVD player/writer.
    My portable was infected with a virus and i need to format the disk, buth i don't find the original installationdisc's of Dell, to reinstall my portable again with Windows XP.
    The drivers i have downloaded and installed, buth there is still a problem to play some DVD's.
    Is it possible that i need the WinDVD Intervideo Player, buth i don't find this software on the Dell Support site.
    Is it possible that i need extra software to play DivX disc's on this portable.

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  • To play a DVD movie, a DVD decoder is required.  This is usually PowerDVD
    or WinDVD.  It is not available for download as it is not a free program.
    You may want to try VLC Player here .................
    or a codecs pack such as ...............