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Need SATA Driver for Optiplex 745

  • i need the SATA driver for the 745. i install need to windows using a different os cd than the dell os install cd and i need the drivers in order to do this because windows xp doesnt have generic sata drivers.

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  • I need to put it on a system without a floppy. and i cant figure out how to stream the intel manager into the xp cd
  • You will need access to a PC with floppy drive, use the Intel download to make the floppy diskette, then copy the driver files off of the diskette, then slipstream these into the Xp cd using this software.
  • ill try this but i drought it will work i wired a floppy to the 745 and tried to load the intel raid drivers using f6 but couldn't get it to load all i got was an error about needing a verified or official windows xp disc after id already been through the f6 driver load options, i interpret this to mean that the windows install environment could not detect the cd rom drive which is also sata, because i know this cd works ive used it several times before, i really need to get just the drivers off of the dell resource cd and stream them into a new cd, it seems strange to me that the drivers are not supplied by dell on there driver download page.

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