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Reinstalled xp on new hdd, device mgr. shows no ethernet or video contrlr. drivers. Dim4700.

  • I used the Dell reinstallation disc. Where can I find them? I looked around the Dell site. Thanks. (the audio driverSleep were missing also, but I found them as a Dell update)

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  • mct13

    All the drivers applications for the Dimension 4700, can be found here.

    The order drivers need to be installed in Windows XP.


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  • Thanks Bev. That's where I found the audio drivers, I didn't recognize the others. Do I need to install all the drivers on the order-of-installation list, or just the ones I'm missing? If so, do I need to uninstall the audio drivers, (and any others, since everything else is working), to go thru the list in the correct order?

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