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Inspiron 1720 SATA device driver for Windows XP

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Inspiron 1720 SATA device driver for Windows XP

  • I need to locate the device drivers for the Inspiron 1720 notebook (which shipped with Vista) for Windows XP.   I purchased a second hard drive from Dell with the intent of being able to switch hard drives when I wanted/needed XP on the unit instead of Vista (some programs, namely AutoCAD, don't run on Vista).
    When I attempt to install XP, it cannot find the hard drive, which leads me to believe that the version of XP (SP1) that I have does not recognize the SATA drive adaptor.  I will need to locate the device drivers to install during the setup sequence.  Also, since the USB ports are not active, what suggestions can you provide for access to the information.  Typically on a desktop, I would use a floppy disk to access the drivers.
  • You'll need an XP disc with SP2 on it. Set the BIOS to "ATA compatible" for the drive.
  • >>Set the BIOS to "ATA compatible

    Wait! There's a better way. The Tack Tech guys give you complete instructions for slipstreaming the SATA drivers into your XP install disk. Works like a charm:

    Installing SATA Drivers without a Floppy Disk

    Just figure out which drivers you need and build a slipstream disk per their instructions. Changing the BIOS back to 'ATA compatible' will turn off AHCI support and disable advanced features of SATA such as hot plug and Native Command Queuing (NCQ). If AHCI is not enabled by the motherboard and chipset, SATA controllers typically operate in "IDE emulation" mode which does not allow features of devices to be accessed that are not supported by the ATA/IDE standard. Windows device drivers that are labeled as SATA are usually running in IDE emulation mode unless they explicitly state that they are AHCI. Windows XP does not officially support AHCI although some proprietary device drivers may allow it. Windows Vista and the current versions of Mac OS X and Linux have native support for AHCI.

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