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Optiplex GX620 will not recognize 2nd SATA HD

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Optiplex GX620 will not recognize 2nd SATA HD

  • Hello All
    I have a GX620 running Win 2000 SP4, and BIOS Ver. A05.  I am trying to add a second SATA drive, but the BIOS does not find it.  In the BIOS, under drives, I find the following info:
    Diskette               =  ON
    Drive 0: SATA 0   =  ON     Samsung HD080HJ/P
    Drive 1: SATA 1   =  ON
    Drive 2: SATA 2   =  ON
    Drive 3: SATA 3   =  OFF
    SATA Operation   =  Normal
    I have tried connecting the new Drive (Seagate ST380811AS) to the SATA 1 and SATA 2 ports without any luck getting the BIOS to see it.  When I boot into Windows, no new hardware is detected.  If anyone has run into this problem before and can offer any suggestions,  I would appreciate the help.
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  • I have a similar problem with my Optiplex GX270 - it will not find my second SATA drive I installed recently. The GX270 has 2 SATA channels. In BIOS it says it detects only the first, the second is labeled OFF. What can be done to the BIOS to make it detect both SATA drives?
  • A Dell service person today (on my call about GX-280 SATA) told me that whenever I "change" a drive, I must clear the SV-RAM so I don't know if that applies to adding a drive (or taking one of multiple out). In any case, while I was on the phone the person had me to remove the power plug (after shutdown) and then remove the CMOS battery entirely, which I did. Then I put the CMOS battery back in and had to fill in the BIOS information (specifically the date and time) when I rebooted. The "EIDE" CMOS information was loaded automatically. I had an 80 GB SATA and it would no longer boot / work (just F1 F2 ) and I put a 400 GB hard drive in that had Windows on it. The drive would boot and then the support tech told me about clearing (reset) the NV RAM. For those who are expert, did I get this straight? I had not heard of this before and had just (wrongly) assumed I could take drives out and put them in, one system to another, at will.
  • @H_B_H: Have you made sure that the SATA port is turned on in BIOS settings as dscull indicated in the original posting? And also make sure that you plug the 2nd drive in the right SATA port (Port 3 is next to port 1 in my GX620) if you have not turned all SATA ports on.

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  • Also, have you got the latest BIOS upgrade? :)

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