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connecting External Hard desk to inspiron 2650

  • Hi All I have an external Hard desk drive and I used to plug it on my laptop , but now I can' use the external hard drive , even if shows that there is a device connected to the computer. I installed the driver software , which comes with the external hard desk drive , but still the computer does not browse the files . I plugged the external hard desk drive to another computer and it works !!! Note : my USB ports are USB1.0 but even before I can use the external hard desk . I love Dell
  • Will the drive work on another system?
  • sure, desktops , laptops , Mac and windows . I have been using my external hard desk for many years . some of my friends told me that the anti-virus program may block the external hard desk for security reasons !! and another one told me that maybe I need to update the USB 1.0 software or driver . I don't understand ..
  • hi guys, I am still waiting so far , I can't use my external hard desk with my laptop
  • See if it is recognized in safe mode. If not, boot the system from your Dell Drivers and Utilities CD and run the complete set of diagnostics.