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Dell Latitude D420 internal hard drive upgrades...

  • What's the thickest 1.8" ZIF IDE hard drive that can be installed internally in a Dell Latitude D420? The Toshiba 30 GB that came with mine is 5mm. It appears an 8mm may fit. I would like to upgrade the internal hard drive of my D420 to a 60 or 80 GB Fujitsu or Hitachi 1.8" drive. Second question, are there any kits to use the pulled 30 GB hard drive in USB enclosure?
  • netentity,
    The documentation shows that an 8mm drive will fit, and we sell the Latitude D420 with an 80GB drive, so I am sure that you can upgrade at least to 80GB.
  • Related question..will a 100GB fit in a D420?  I am thinking about upgrading my D420 with the following Hitachi HD..will the BIOS pick it up?  If you can let me know then I would be thankful..
    Travelstar 7K100 models            Capacity (GB)           RPM                  Interface
    HTS721010G9AT00                           100                      7200                 Parallel-ATA
  • Nope, all of Travelstar 7K100 models are 2.5" drives.  The Latitude D420 will only fit 1.8" factor ZIF drives internally.  I think 80 GB is the largest you can get in that form factor now.  That's the cost of getting a smaller form factor laptop.
    A note for someone who wants to upgrade their D420 internal hard drive, be sure to order a spare ZIF cable.  I could not remove the ZIF cable from the 30 GB that came with the system so I ordered another one and left the original ZIF cable attached to the original 30 GB drive.
  • Thank you for your reply..
    Didn't realize what you pointed out..I guess I will just have to live with the 60GB already in the system then since upgrading to an 80GB is not much of a difference..
    Did you upgrade to a higher RPM model?  The 60 GB installed on my system is only 4200RPM and its really really slow...
  • Fastest 1.8" drive you can get is 4200 RPM.  Hitachi also makes 3600 RPM 1.8" drives; Travelstar C3K80 series.  Fujitsu and WD don't make 1.8" drives yet.   Best you're going to get in an internal hard drive upgrade for a D420 is a Toshiba 100 GB 4200 RPM drive; MK1011GAH.
    I have a Travelstar C4K60 Slim in Latitude D420.  I haven't moved the data off of the 30 GB Toshiba the system came with yet.  I do know the Travelstar C4K60 Slim works as I created a 2 GB MS-DOS 6.22 partition on it and ran some Dell diags on it.  Works great.  Just haven't had the time to back the data off of the original drive and reinstall Windows XP Pro yet.
    where did you order the cable? I called Dell spare parts, they only want to sell it with the drive. But I already have a drive and just need the cable. the rubber casing too.
  • Dell spare parts.  It was about $20 shipped.  The part number is HJ178.  I received mine three months ago.  The cable works with a Hitachi ZIF drive.  Just remember that connector on the Hitachi drive is different.  The orientation of the Hitachi drive is upside down from the Toshiba.  Check the pinout specs on the Hitachi vs. Toshiba drives and you'll see what I mean.  I had no issue putting a MS-DOS 6.22 on the first primary partition for testing purposes.  Dell Diags function with the hard drive without issue. 
    If they give you heart burn talk to a supervisor.  If they still give you a heart burn tell them you'll call back and you'll produce an order number of one that was shipped last March.  Granted, I do have a business account which may be why I'm having less heartburn than you.  The hard part for me was getting to the right dept to order the cable.  I reused the rubber casing from the original drive.  Works just fine.  If you don't have it, I'm sure Dell can give you the part number or I can get it off of mine.  I think the P/N is on there.
  • thanks nenentity, however Dell still wouldn't sell the HJ178. they want 200+ for a entire 80GB assembly. ridiculous.