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Installed new hard drive error message BIOS not installed????

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Installed new hard drive error message BIOS not installed????

  • Hello all
    I had my main hard drive die so as I have done before I installed a new one. Everything seemed fine I formatted the hard drive and it seemed to start installing Windows XP then it stops and I receive a message no BIOS installed??? I have no Idea why I would have lost the bios and I do not know how to install new bios without the hard drive installed any sugestion???
    Thanks Mark
  • did you go into your system Bios and see if for some reason the drive is not turned on...

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  • What model machine?
    SATA or PATA?
    When you boot from a drive, the controller installs BIOS rom option into memory to allows the OS to read from the disk. However using the boot rom option is non-protected mode and not efficient. So then the OS loads the protected mode driver from the hard drive and is able to continue working from the drive. This is why in some cases you must hit F6 during the beginning of setup and supply the correct driver for your controller.
    If you are using an older controller, XP should already have the driver and you shouldn't need to use F6. If it is a XPS 410 or 700, you definitely need to create the floppy with the drives for your controller and then hit F6 while the setup is starting.
  • Thanks for the info. I cant understand it when I power up the machine I still  get the message Bios not installed though it let me reinstall windows XP. So now Windows XP is working just fine though I still get the message BIOS not  installed?????
    Any sugestions or just leave it alone.
  • One other thing. If a drive controller finds no drives it needs to provide boot BIOS for, it wont install BIOS. This is a common message and is not cause for alarm if everything is working for the boot drive. In some servers that have like 4 SCSI controllers, only the one with the boot drive will install BIOS, and during the boot process you see the "BIOS not Installed" message three times, once for each of the other controllers that dont have boot drives on them.