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Sonic - "No Drive Detected"

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Sonic - "No Drive Detected"

  • I apoligise in advance .... just finding my way around this forum, and this is a duplicate of a posting I made in another thread.

    I, like many others, have the "No Drive Detected" on Sonic. I only started to notice I was having problems with Sonic after my Inspiron 9300 came back from Dell after having new screen fitted (pixel failure).
    I have had some help from 'Hardware Support' but even they have given up now, saying I need to contact 'Software Support', but seeing as this is not a unique problem, and I'm not alone with this, I don't have much confidence in any support I'd get. If it's a continuing problem why don't Dell switch to another software package like Nero???
    I've tried re-seating the DVD drive; re-installing the software; un-installing the software in Safe Mode / Re-Booting & Re-Installing; removing Upper & LowerFilters ..... just about everything that's been suggested on other threads.
    Last resort was to download the driver R100552.EXE but I have some concerns about this .... a Driver of 30Mb!!!! Seem's a bit big .... nearly as big as Sonic itself!!!!!
    Dell, is this correct ..... a 30Mb Driver download???? If it is, could have done with some warning on the website that it was this big!!!
    I'm at stage 3 of the instructions at and would like some confirmation that, somehow this link to the R100552.EXE file hasn't become corrupted, and IT IS A 30MB DOWNLOAD!!!!!
  • have you tried to update the firmware of your optical drive?
  • Help!!!
    Have run the R100552.EXE download from Dell's website and get the following Error message :-
    "Setup cannot find a valid version of this software to upgrade. Please make sure you are using the correct upgrade version"
    Firstly, what software version is it referring too? If it's 'Sonic' I have installed the version that Dell sent me on a CD to re-install i.e. MyDVD 6.11 LE.
    Have also tried to find DVD Device drivers on the CD Dell sent, but can't find any reference to a DVD Driver.
    I've got a 'Sony DVD+-RW DW-D56A' DVD drive.
  • try downloading this file R104295.EXE, its your firmware update for your Sony DW-D56A slim 8x DVD+/-RW drive. Call tech support and ask for a replacement if this will not work.