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Choppy DVD playback for burned DVDs only? (Inspiron 1505)

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Choppy DVD playback for burned DVDs only? (Inspiron 1505)

  • I just got an Inspiron 1505 and started backing up my movies onto Memorex DVD-Rs using the CD burner. The first couple that I burnt using Sonic worked fine when viewed on the computer, but lately every disc I have burned using either Sonic or Nero experiences choppy playback after only a few minutes of watching it. The menus work fine, but once I select a chapter, the video and audio will begin to skip and become unviewable. The DVD-Rs that I used are 16x, but I've tried burning at 2x and 4x and this problem reoccurs. The strange thing is, when I mount images of the DVDs I'm trying to burn with Daemon Tools 4.03, there is no choppiness. Commercially burnt DVDs work fine too.

    Playback is choppy in both PowerDVD and WMP 11.

    Anybody have ideas about this? It's really starting to annoy me.
  • I am having the same problem. I use Pinnacle studio to make home movie DVD's and am having problems with the burned copies getting stuck or freezing up. I have tried 3 different brands with the same results. Also have the same problem when using Nero to burn DVD files and also proshow gold. What is the deal? I do not have this problem on my 4 year old Dell Dimension 8200. VERY frustrating...anyone have ideas?
  • cnield and csrredcoat,

    Check that the drive is in DMA mode and not PIO mode.

    Start | Control Panel | System in classic view | Hardware tab | Device Manager

    Click on the (+) next to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.  Right-click the Primary IDE
    and select Properties.  Select the Advanced Settings tab.
  • Mine is set to DMA for both primary and secondary IDE controllers.
  • Two things to consider:

    - May be to many programs running in the background

    - Try a different brand of media.  Memorex is usually poor quality.
     Verbatum is usually of good quality.
  • Mine is also set to DMA. I make sure I don't have unecessary apps running in the background. I even used a program called enditall2 that closes all non essential programs from running. I have tried verbatim, maxell & fujifilm. Sometimes the DVD is fine, but I have made numerous coasters. My laptop is still under warranty. I am considering getting the DVD burner replaced, but I am skeptical wether this will fix my problem making choppy DVD's that freeze up.


  • I have Inspiron 9300 with XP pro and 1.25GB RAM.  DVD playback also becomes choppy after 15 minutes of playing.  Appreciate any suggestions.

  • An update for my problem:

    I turned off Drive Letter Access (DLA) on the DVD drive, and the movies on the burned discs lasted longer before becoming choppy (about 8-10 min). Also, turning off McAfee doesn't seem to help anything.

    Does anyone have any ideas at all?
  • I am considering updating the firmware on my DVD burner

    Not sure if this applies to you....mine has firmware DE03 and the latest is DE04.  Also, I am going to try different media. So far...verbatim, maxell & fugifilm have givin me problems...but it may not me the media that is causing this.

  • Try an experiment.  Download EndItAll here ............

    It will allow you to end all programs running in the backgroud.
    I only mention this as a troubleshooting aid to determine if
    something running in the background is one of the problems.  Use
    the Close All option in EndItAll.
  • skybird,

    i downloaded and ran enditall, and it didn't seem to help with playing dvd's that i have already burned. i will try making a new copy after closing all the programs and will report back.

    i also ordered some verbatim dvd+r double layer discs, they should arrive sometime next week. hopefully this is a media problem and not a drive problem.

    if it is not a problem with a background task, what other issues could it be?
  • Final update for me, at least.

    I got some Verbatim DVD+R DL discs from Best Buy and they burned and played great. I guess it was just a problem with very wretched Memorex discs. Thanks for everybody's help, and I hope this helps some more people.