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reformat hard drive, windows XP home, inspiron 5100 laptop

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reformat hard drive, windows XP home, inspiron 5100 laptop

  • I own an inspiron 5100 laptop computer, I am the original owner. The computer came with 'XP home' pre-installed (even after I asked for '2000 home') and came with no boot discs. I desire (mostly for the sake of space and speed) to reformat my C: and install 'Windows 2000 professional' which I use on my desktop system. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do it, the machine didn't come with a floppy drive or a CD burner, so making a DOS boot disk is impossible, and it doesn't recognize my 'Windows 2000' CD (or just doesn't run it, I have reprioritized the Boot order to start from the CD ROM, but it still fails to run it, and my CD ROM is working). And I know of no other way to boot the system from a Command Prompt (short of designing my own boot code, which is very dangerous and I rather like my laptop). I'd be very appreciative if anyone could tell me the precise process by which this might be accomplished.
    Thanks for whatever help you can give,

    -Time Traveler
  • There is no such thing as "2000 Home".

    If the system won't boot from the CD, there's either something wrong with the disc or the drive. Try the CD in another system (or try another bootable CD in this one.

    Is this an original Microsoft (pressed) CD, or a copy?
  • Well, I didn't know that there was no such thing as '2000 home' when I ordered the computer 2 years ago (which probably caused the miscommunication). The CD is not the original, but rather a copy I made from the original CD that came with my desktop, so that I would have a backup. However the original has since been lost -I'm ever so happy I made a backup- and I didn't feel like going to Microsoft to beg for a new copy of an old Operating System since I made another copy of said OS anyway. I still have the relevant registration documentation, so that shouldn't be a problem.

    XP recognizes the current CD as a previous OS, so it disables the functionality when I run it at the windows level (of course) and for some reason, it isn't treated like a boot disk. What I really need is a way to boot my system in Command Prompt, then I can re-format, I just can't find a way to do it.
  • Insert the CD, power on, press F12 and boot from it. It makes no difference at that point what's on the hard drive - the install will wipe it out.
  • When you made the backup copy - how exactly did you do this. Did you use a program (roxio/sonic) to make an exact copy or did you just copy the files to a folder then burn the disc. This makes a big difference.