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Where's the PPID?

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Where's the PPID?

  • Hi, my Inspiron hard drive is on its last legs and I need to provide the PPID to Dell. Where is it? Do I have to get the hard drive out?
  • PPID labels are used to identify system components as they are integrated into a PC build. This enables fast referencing of the component and it''s history should there be failures within the customer base. Each PPID label is unique.
    On Portable systems, media bay devices such as CD drives and Zip drives are not inserted into the system at the time of build. The media bays are usually occupied by the battery and a diskette drive.
    Within EMF in order to track the part numbers that constitute an order it is necessary for each part to have a part number so that it is traceable within the factory and can be scanned for order inclusion purposes.
    Media bay devices that are not pre-installed in the system will have  "Dummy" PPID label that contains the part number but also has irrelevant further coding that can be misinterpreted as a manufacturing date code.
    Example Dummy PPID taken from media bay devices in EMF ''0009P439 - 40550 - 01P - 0000''.
    The digits in Boldface indicate that this label was printed for Year 2000(0), Month January(1), Day 29th(P).

    The drive itself is part of an assembly and if the outer casing is removed to reveal the actual drive casing, the internal PPID label date code will indicate the true date of manufacture.