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  • I just, today, received and hooked up my Dell XPS 400. The hard drive is very loud (to me at least.) It almost sounds like a tinny echo noise while the hard drive seems fairly idol but the little green light is flashing. My other computers were very quiet. I have Dells at work too and have never heard this before, is this normal for this computer?
  • go to have hard drive indexing on? it will run when your system is idle its not that useful unless searching lots of files you can turn it off by right click on the drive under my computer

    Dimension 8300
    P4 2.80GHz 800MHz w/HT BIOS A07
    1GB PC3200
    Sparkle 6600GT oc (500mhz/1000mhz)
    Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS (retail)
    Seagate sata 120Gb, sata 160Gb, USB2 external 200Gb
    NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD
    Pioneer 16x DVD+/-RW DL DVR-109
    BearPaw 2400TA Scanner
    USB 2.0 tv tuner
    HP usb CD-Writer+ 8200
    256Mb-64mb Usb drives
    Wacom graphire3 4x5inch
    Conexant SmartHSFi V.9x 56K DF PCI Modem ,ADSL DSL-200
    HP deskjet 3550
    15inch LCD
    pci cooler
    3dmark03 8446...3dmark05 3498...PCmark05 3448
  • Hi,

    Noisy hard drives are almost always a clear indication that the drive is near failure.

    Backup as a matter of extreme urgency. Then replace the drive.

    An XPS 400 will be well within the normal hard drive failure time windo.
  • Where do I go from there? I can't find anything that would turn it off. The poster below you stated that the drive was ready to one day old?

    Thanks for your help



  • Some drives are simply noisier than others. What make and model drive is it?
  • 80GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)
    Intel Pentium 4 processor
  • Make and model of drive (not CPU, system)?

    Open the case and look at the label on the drive.
  • or go into device manager and give us the serial for the drive eg seagate drives will be ST#######
  • ST38001AS
  • It really doesn't sound as if it is a dying hard drive, almost sounds like an internal speaker just kind of making sound for the hard may be normal, but not used to it.

    Thanks again

  • you can always run pc wizard 2005, everest home edition both free both around 1mb download and they will let you see the SMART dianostics for your hard drive.. alternatively you can run the dell dianostic or windows dianostic disk scans
  • I have a month old 9100 and my 250 gig is very quiet. The whole system is very quiet indeed.