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Cannot open CD drive door on Inspiron Laptop

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Cannot open CD drive door on Inspiron Laptop

  • My CD drive door is locked with a disc in the computer and I cannot open it.
    When I press the open button on my Inspiron 8000 Laptop CD drive, it makes 3 fast attempts to open the door and then quits.  I have removed the drive hoping I could get the disc out that way but it is still tightly closed inside the drive.  I have tried rebooting, etc.  but nothing works. 
    The drive contains a disc that I burned earlier using Roxio on a recently installed external Plextor burner to my laptop.  Earlier the disk I burned was readable in my internal D:\ drive.  But now when I use "My Computer" and select Compact Disc D:\  it now tells me to "please insert a disc in drive D".  It does not register Total Size or Free Space.
    I have never had trouble with my internal CD drive before I installed the External Plextor CD burner.  I have tried disconnecting the Plextor but that does not solve the problem. 
    Any suggestions will be appreciated

  • Hi Newguy here,

    There should be a small hole on the front of the drive which houses the Emergency Eject Button. Click on the CD/RW link in my post and scroll to Section 6-5, article 14 for the Dell article on the subject.
    If you used a Packet Writing program to create the disc, you need to eject the disc through the software, there is a small amount of data that needs to be written to it.
    Did you install any burning software with the External drive, if I may ask?

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  • Thank you for your prompt reply.  Actually, the emergency eject key did not open the drive so once again I removed the drive from the computer. This time I used brute force to pull the tray out from the drive.  The cause of the problem was unrelated to my burner or software.  It was strictly operator error.  I had failed to push the CD down over the spindle far enough to hold it in place.  That caused the disc to move and bind in the door.  Perhaps the eject key helped get the door open because I did exert pressure on the key at the same time I forcefully pulled out on the door.  Fortunately, I did not damage the drive.  I put a disk in it and it reads fine and ejects properly now.

    Once again.  Thank you very much.