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help me check my computer's internet use history

  • I am afraid that my computer is being misused.  I heard from someone that it is possible to check out the internet sites visited on my computer even if the history shows nothing.  How can I do this?  This is very important to me.  Thanks for any help you can give!
  • you should bw fine as long as you clear history cookie, temp internet files etc...

  • HTT Good HT Bad wrote:
    you should bw fine as long as you clear history cookie, temp internet files etc...

    If you go back and re-read the question, he wants to FIND the history not ERASE the history...

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  • 15lover.
    To view your system history, on the top toolbar, next to "Favorites" there should a history icon, click on it.


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  • probably one of the best way to see the history, is if you have a firewall, eg norton, outpost , zonealarm etc which also log websites.. as the browser history can be easily deleted by who ever was looking at the sites

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  • thanks for all the replies, but how can i check the history if everyone has their own log-in?  Is it possible to check what is on the entire computer just by being logged in myself? obviously i don't have everyone else's passwords or i could easily check to find the culprit...