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What is Sonic DLA and do i need it?

  • before i get into my message, let me state that i realize this maybe a very dumb question to most of you, but it isnt to me.  i want to know what sonic DLA is and whether or not i actually need it.  i am a bit obsessive about backing up my music to DVD's and almost every time i put a DVD that is full of information (i should mention that they are blank DVD's that i have recorded things onto) i get a weird message about compatibility issues with my version of sinc DLA.  what is this program?  i like using iTunes to burn my cd's and data DVD' is this sonic thing something that i can just delete?  i know that i never added it to my system; and i believe that it came bundled with my computer.  i was just wondering if anyone knew more about computers than i do could help me out.  thanks in advance
  • i forgot to add that i have a dell inspirion 5150 and i am running windows XP.
  • sonic is your Dell preinstalled burning software!
  • yeah, i sort of figured that out after i posted my message, but what i havent figured out yet is whether or not i can uninstall it and simply use iTunes for all my burning needs
  • I don't know so I will let someone else answer your query.
  • okay thanks for trying though
  • I believe it's the module that writes data to CD's using drag and drop, similar to Roxio's Drag to Disc.  It overrides the built in Windows XP CD burning module.  This way, when you use drag and drop to burn files to a CD, it uses Sonic instead of Windows.  I left this item in my startup hive.