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Error code 0F00 : 0244 - Msg block 0 : Uncorrectable data error

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Error code 0F00 : 0244 - Msg block 0 : Uncorrectable data error

  • Hi All,

    I own a Dell Dimension 4700. It came with 160GB SATA Maxtor Hard drive. Recently, i got problem with the partition. I resorted to the System Diagnostics tests, where i ran a test of my hard drive, which is most likely the problem(right?). This test returned errors in the :Read Test".  The read Test returned "Fail, ERROR CODE 0F00:0244, Msg:Block 0: Uncorrectable data error or media is write protected" 

    i hope you can help me...
  • If it's in warranty, call Dell - they will ship you a replacement for your failed drive. See if they'll send you a WD or Seagate replacement.

    If it's out of warranty, any SATA drive will do fine as a replacement - though it would be better to buy from someone other than Maxtor at the moment.
  • there a not solution to recovery the hard drive partition??  or maybe starting all over from the crash???
  • The drive has a hardware problem. If the system still recognizes it as a hard drive (i.e., it's not an "unknown device" in system setup), proceed as follows:

    Disconnect the drive completely.
    Install a new drive. Then load Windows, your application software, enable the XP firewall, and PATCH IT FULLY with SP2, all post-SP2 updates.
    Shut down, connect the faulty drive to the second SATA connector, enable the drive in setup. If the drive hasn't completely failed, it may be possible to copy some or all of the data on it to the new drive.

    Once done, disconnect the faulty drive, disable in in Setup, and return it to Dell if under warranty or discard it if not. You may want to wipe the drive clean using something like sdelete from before doing so to eliminate any personal information.

    If the drive is completely unreadable, and you need your data back, you'll have to contact a data recovery service like Ontrack, Drive Savers, Nortek, Seagate, etc. for an estimate of the charges. This is a very expensive option that will start in the hundreds for evaluation and potentially run into thousands of dollars in charges. Note that data recovery is NOT covered by your warranty.
  • hi....finally i resolved my problem.....i went to the maxtor's web site and found this utility "PowerMax" This utility is designed to perform diagnostic read/write verifications on Maxtor and Quantum hard drives.  I used to try fdisk/ sfdisk / delPart / etc....but none of above isnt worked until i found the PowerMax from Maxtor.

    I ran the test and it returned with error code and tell to contact Maxtor for the warranty. But, there an option in the utility that let you do a full scan format. I do so and the miracle was hard drive is come back....

    Hope this will help another people resolving problem access with their hard drive....:)