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black screen blinking cursor

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black screen blinking cursor

  • I started have serious issues with my dimension 4550.  (running XP, pentium IV, RAM 256) Boot up extremely slow, programs slow, keyboard works intermittently (keyboard failure message upon startup, but will work when restarted)

    I then got a simple black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner.  Turned on and off a few times pulled a few cords, and miraculously got on windows again to back up my files.  I reinstalled windows XP (upgraded to XP Professional) .  I run much faster now, and I don't get the keyboard failure as much, but they still occur.  I discovered that the black screen issue is resolved when I break the USB connection with the printer. 

    I recently installed an HP PSC 2355 all-in-one printer.  If I try to turn my computer on when the printer is on, I get the same black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. During the black screen the diagnosic codes are green, green, yellow, yellow (in ABCD order, and this combination is not on list).  If I pull the USB cord of the printer out, the computer will proceed to boot normally.  After windows starts and I  put the USB cord back in, printer works fine.  The computer will also boot normally if I just leave the printer off.

     I have traded ports with the mouse, there is no difference in behavior. 

    since the xp clean install, I still get keyboard failures too (I have tried other keyboards, they all work intermittently, doesn't seem to be the keyboard, more like it is receiving a false message of failure, then shuts it down?).

    What does this all mean, bad hard drive, bad motherboard? or is the black screen of death really caused by the printer?

    Help, I am not a teckie, and can't buy a new computer.   And yes, I can just boot with the printer off, but am worried it is something major.   Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • I would look in system setup under Integrated Devices and check USB Emulation and USB Controller. These should be on by default. If Emulation is on, try turning it off. This is only needed for USB mouse or keyboard devices.