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48X CD-RW/DVDCombo drive

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48X CD-RW/DVDCombo drive

  • Help!!  I just switched from Apple to Dell and bought a P4 3.0gig Dimension with the 48X CD-RW/DVD combo unit. I can not seem to find any 48X CD-RW disks anywhere. Can I use any CD-RW disk, or what ever speed, or do I have to keep looking for48X? I also understand that this drive can write to CD-r disks, is this correct?
        I do a lot of writing and need to be able to go back and revise what I write.
  • There are no 48x CDRW media.  Highest I've seen is 32x.
    Post you drive brand and model and we will identify
    the correct speeds.
    You can use any speed CDR media.
  • Per my Service tag it is a C7487  Assembly, Compact disk read Write/Digital Video Disk Drive Combo, 48X, half height, Hitachi LG Data Storage, 05

    Thanks for the help

    Tom Corcoran

  • Look the the Device Manager for the drive Model.

    For Windows XP ........

    START | Control Panel | System in classic view | Hardware | Device Manager

    Click the (+) next to CDROM and the Model will show.  The Brand, from what
    you have posted, is HLDS.
  • Skybird,

         Sorry for the delay in getting back. My control panel says the CD is a

    "HL-DT-ST rw/dvd GCC-4481B"  I really appreciate the help.

       Tom Corcoran

  • The HLDS GCC-4481B CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive is an Ultra-high speed drive.
    That means it can use CDRW media reated at 32x (max) or less.  You
    will find three types of media:

    Regular = 4x, 1x-4x

    High Speed = 10x, 4x-10x

    Ultra-high speed - greater than 10x (presently 32x is max.)

    Most Users today prefer CDR media as the cost is low enough to make
    it disposable.  CDRW media is not the most reliable media available. 
    Start with name brand media in small quanities till you know it works
    for you.  House brands and Off brands can be troublesome.  Many
    Users experience problems with Memorex brand.
    Your drives Users Guide ..............