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  • Forum Thread: Dell Studio XPS 8000 Wifi and Audio Problem

    I bought this Dell Studio XPS 8000 back in 2009 and had no problems until now. I did upgrade the graphics card and power supply to an AMD Radeon 6770 and a 500W PSU. Other than that, the cpu is still an Intel i7 860, 8GB of Ram, etc. The problem is when i first boot up my computer and I start to play...
  • Forum Thread: Conflicting numbers for 8500 and video cards

    How is it that the XPS 8500 comes with a 460 watt psu and the 7770 card is rated for a minimum of a 500 watt psu? Dell doesn't show a different psu that can be included. Also, any details or real world benchmarks on the 7570? What's better, 7770 or GTX 560 se? One last thing, overclocking...
  • Forum Thread: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 in an XPS 8300

    I am getting an XPS 8300 and i was wondering if an Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 (no ti) would fit inside of it DIMENSIONS Height: 8.25 inches Length: 4.37 inches Width: Dual Slot I am pretty sure my specs work and I am planning on getting a 600W power supply SPECS: processor: I7 2600 ...
  • Forum Thread: Customized XPS 8500 with Windows 7 and GTX 660

    I have a question regarding XPS 8500. I was thinking of purchasing one that specifically has Windows 7 as an operating system, instead of Windows 8, with 16GB of memory, a i7-3770 processor, and a Geforce GTX 660 video card. I found a custom XPS desktop with a GTX 660 here:
  • Forum Thread: google plus

    I heard that dell was thinking about using Google plus for support i think this is a great idea. The video chat feature would be like text support on steroids, making it a lot faster and easier to find a solution to your problem copy and paste this in a new forum if you think dell should use Google plus...