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  • Forum Thread: Conflicting numbers for 8500 and video cards

    How is it that the XPS 8500 comes with a 460 watt psu and the 7770 card is rated for a minimum of a 500 watt psu? Dell doesn't show a different psu that can be included. Also, any details or real world benchmarks on the 7570? What's better, 7770 or GTX 560 se? One last thing, overclocking...
  • Forum Thread: (Solution) 2 ATI Radeon 3870 HD in CrossfireX, Windows Vista 32, XPS 630i

    ive had to do this twice now in the last few weeks. success on both times. i have the original drivers saved for future mishaps. here is what i do for this. i have an xps630i, windows vista 32bit with two(2) HD3870 in crossfireX (not hd3870 X2, this was my problem for a wile. not knowing that X2 was...