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  • Forum Reply: Re: XPS 400 won't stay on

    Well, problem solved. The 2.5 year old systems motherboard and processor are fried. I suppose I am no longer a Dell customer.
  • Forum Thread: Need help with Inspiron 620 Motherboard power/reset/led pin config

    I need help with the pin configuration for the Dell Inspiron 620 Motherboard. This is what is looks like: There is a diagram of the motherboard on the second to last page of the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: BIOS download from DELL not the correct one? DELL VOSTRO 220s

    A new day/ the same BIOS.... Is there perhaps a freeware program I could use to help with the installation of the correct BIOS download?? Manual installation is not taking the EXE file. I'm beginning to think the Vx20-130.exe download is for a 32bit machine and will not work for my 64bit? As...
  • Forum Thread: Upgrading my XPS 435mt

    Hi i needed information since i am planning to upgrade my computer on which things i can put inside it. i plan to upgrade the processor, ram, and graphics card and add memory but i need to know which are compatible with my mother board. everything is stock right now. i need information of which type...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Insprion 620 Mini Tower, Motherboard (Help Replacing)

    I am looking for a motherboard that would replace the one inside the Dell Insprion 620 Mini Tower. If any one have an suggestion on a motherboard that can fit an Intel Processor I-7 and also have also have at least can fit one graphic card and 2 RAM Slots. I also need to know what type of motherboard...