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  • Forum Thread: none of my usb ports work

    all of them say that they are working properly in divice manager. i have uninstalled and reinstalled. anyone know of anything to help. i have a demision 8400.
  • Forum Thread: External Hard Drive Stops DIMENSION 3100C From Booting Past BIOS Screen

    I have a DIMENSION 3100C, running Windows XP. I connected an IOMEGA External Hard Drive to it through a USB port. When I start the computer, it reaches the BIOS screen. Then I get a message "NTLDR is missing. Hit Control, Alt, Delete." I hit CONTROL, ALT, DELETE. The computer reboots, gets...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Dimension 3000

    I have a Dell Dimension 3000 and I was wondering if the usb ports on it are usb 2.0? And if only certain ones are usb 2.0, Which ones are they?
  • Forum Thread: Dimension L933r - Standard Ship Configuration Specs?

    I'm looking for some particular Specs for the Standard configuration L933r Desktops that Dell used to ship out several years ago. (I could not find this anywhere on I am Not technical at all, so am wondering whether anyone possibly fill in some or all of the specific question marks...
  • Forum Thread: Kingston 4GB Micro SDHC

    This 4GB SDC4/4GBCR Micro SD does not function in an XP environment. It has been purchased recently and has never been functional. You can hear that the USB device is recognized by the USB insertion sound. It also appears on the Safely Remove Hardware list. It does not show up in Windows Explorer except...
  • Forum Reply: Re: I keep getting a blue screen that says Hardware Error / Memory Parity Error - how do I fix this??!!

    dellboy Hi, thanks for your help, but when I click on the Drivers and Downloads (in How to run the Dell Diagnostics) - this message appears: Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. Anyway, my computer keeps freezing and I have to turn it off and on all the time, and a few times...
  • Forum Thread: Rewire Dell Dimension 2350 Front Panel USB & Speaker ports

    I've upgraded my Dell by installing a more up-to-date motherboard in my Dell Dimension 2350. I had to rewire the power panel header, but that was fairly easy as the Power & HDD LED wires are labeled. Now, I need to remap the wires from the Front Panel USB & speaker ports to standard USB...
  • Forum Thread: google plus

    I heard that dell was thinking about using Google plus for support i think this is a great idea. The video chat feature would be like text support on steroids, making it a lot faster and easier to find a solution to your problem copy and paste this in a new forum if you think dell should use Google plus...