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  • Forum Thread: google plus

    I heard that dell was thinking about using Google plus for support i think this is a great idea. The video chat feature would be like text support on steroids, making it a lot faster and easier to find a solution to your problem copy and paste this in a new forum if you think dell should use Google plus...
  • Forum Reply: Re: I keep getting a blue screen that says Hardware Error / Memory Parity Error - how do I fix this??!!

    dellboy Hi, thanks for your help, but when I click on the Drivers and Downloads (in How to run the Dell Diagnostics) - this message appears: Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. Anyway, my computer keeps freezing and I have to turn it off and on all the time, and a few times...
  • Forum Thread: Dimension 4600C CPU Fan speed

    I have a Dimension 4600C and the fan for the cpu runs at high speed when ever using Flash Games, Windows Cleanup, or anything that uses high cpu power. I have look, research the issue with nothing to resolve this issue. Things Done: Replaced fan with original fan Cleaned all dust from inside...