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  • Forum Thread: help dell OptiPlex 9020 (Mid 2013) bios crashed

    hello my dell OptiPlex 9020 (Mid 2013) i downloaded last update for bios O9020A07.exe and installed it then it shutdown and then restart my my screen is black in deep sleep fan is works and processor is working but pc not up , i searched and some people say to convert exe update file to hdr and put...
  • Forum Thread: Dell dimension 2400 BIOS POST splash change?

    Hi, i have a dell dimension 2400 and wanted to change the bios splash screen to a different image than the default blue DELL logo... I. This possible and if so, how do I go about doing it?
  • Forum Thread: D620 Video Driver issue- Need Help!

    I recently had to reset D620 (loading defaults) so it would boot. Somewhere in the process I lost the ability to use the extended desktop in the video function. I believe that I have a Nvidia Quadro NVS110M video card, but after installing the latest driver from Dell (v.175.97 WHQL A08), I am experiencing...
  • Forum Reply: Re: BIOS download from DELL not the correct one? DELL VOSTRO 220s

    A new day/ the same BIOS.... Is there perhaps a freeware program I could use to help with the installation of the correct BIOS download?? Manual installation is not taking the EXE file. I'm beginning to think the Vx20-130.exe download is for a 32bit machine and will not work for my 64bit? As...
  • Forum Thread: How do you install BIOS??

    I am having major problems with my dell 530. I made 1 post that when I tried to start it up it goes to the dell logo screen, then to the microsoft sceen with the bars going across and then to nothing but the cursor being on the screen. I noticed the second after the dell screen, it says BIOS not installed...