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  • Forum Reply: Re: Will my Altec Lansing ADA745 speakers work with my newer Dell Inspiron 530s PC?

    Hi Manpreet; Thanks for your continuing support. I did the diagnostics check like you described and I don't get any sound coming out of either the 4 speakers or the sub-woofer. What is next check? I'm feeling like there is a bigger problem here. George
  • Forum Reply: Re: Will my Altec Lansing ADA745 speakers work with my newer Dell Inspiron 530s PC?

    Hi, I did happen to have a Y cable like that shown and tried it this way. Still no sound. I hooked up a simple iPod speaker to both the back #20 slot as well as the front headphone connector. Got sound. I also tried ear bud headphones up front, and that also worked. When I turn on the power to...
  • Forum Reply: Re: No sound. IDT high definition audio codec problem.

    xps200 idt hight defintion audio codec and no sound are video
  • Forum Thread: Realtek / Creative cause problem?

    So basicly i had problems ingame (BF3) and found some threads/videos that it was a problem with realtek, so iv unistall the drivers and disabled the onboard card <(realtek)>. ---- After that i have 2 GPU's both Nvidia GTX 280. I have disabled 1, of them. and now my sound does not...
  • Forum Thread: Multimedia Audio Controller? No drivers?

    Ok hi, I've been given a DELL Dimension 8400 (fyi: had two original DVD drives) running Windows XP MCE 2005. It was given to me by a friend who thought it was totally broken and wanted his data salvaged, fair enough. It was running a heavily corrupted copy of Windows Vista. I re-installed XPMCE'05...
  • Forum Thread: No sound on Inspiron 400

    Just received my new Dell Inspiron 400 zino HD. I'm using Windows 7 & everything is hooked up correctly. I ran an analysis on this & everything is working correctly, also. The top of the tower does not stay on, however, everything else works properly. What should I do to have sound? Thank...
  • Forum Thread: idt high definition audio codec & windows 7

    Hi, I just upgraded Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium and everything is ok but the sound. I have a Dell XPS 420 desktop. I have a speaker icon with a red cross next to it on the task bar. If I hover over it it says "No audio Output Device is installed". I have the IDT High Definition Audio...
  • Forum Reply: Re: SIGMATEL STAC 92XX onboard sound and Vista 32/64 Line In issues

    Hi, I've turned on the computer this morning: NO SOUND, red cross on the speaker, sound device not detected. ... Any idea? Thx
  • Forum Thread: My sounds not working!!Need Help!!!

    My computer is dell optiplex GX520 and the my sound is not working, it keeps saying no audio device found, i tried to use the other solutions, especially the soundmax one but it when i try to install it, it says driver not found, so someone please help me with this problem.
  • Forum Reply: Re: I accidently removed sigmatel audio program

    Hi there - I accidentally removed the sigmatel audio from my computer's program list. I have tried everything and cannot figure out how to restore. When I attempt a system restore, I get the message that my computer has not been changed so the restore is incomplete (even though the system restore...
  • Forum Thread: Audio

    I bought a new Vostro 470 and got it last week. Windows 8. - It is poor sound when I play YouTube, BTYahoo news etc from the net but ... from the beginning it was no sound when I tried to play my own videos on the computer ... when I put a video from the camcorder into a video editing software, it is...
  • Forum Reply: Re: SB0467 Audio Card - Windows 7 drivers

    I have a six year-old Dell XPS 400 with a Creative SB X-Fi SB0467 audio card. I recently upgraded from Win XP to Win 7 and found that my sound card no longer worked. After hunting for an SB0467 driver on Creative's website and not finding one, I selected a driver for an X-Fi Fatality SB0466. I'm...
  • Forum Thread: Another Dell Dimension 4700 Audio Issue

    Rebuilt the 4700 with XP - not with the Dell CDs as they were lost. Installed what I thought were the correct drivers including audio. Looks like I have a Soundblaster PCI card. I have disabled the integrated audio from the BIOS settings. What happens is this: *Boot up the pc and logon to hear...