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  • Forum Thread: Multimedia Audio Controller? No drivers?

    Ok hi, I've been given a DELL Dimension 8400 (fyi: had two original DVD drives) running Windows XP MCE 2005. It was given to me by a friend who thought it was totally broken and wanted his data salvaged, fair enough. It was running a heavily corrupted copy of Windows Vista. I re-installed XPMCE'05...
  • Forum Thread: XPS GEN 4 SB Audigy 2 No Sound Problems

    Help! I've ran out of ideas on what to troubleshoot next..or how to fix my "no sound problem". My husband installed a new WD Caviar Blue SATA HD on my XPS Gen 4 PC. After sucessfully installing all major components, we ran into a problem with the sound card. After much searching and post...
  • Forum Thread: Dimension 8300 - Audigy 2 Sound Problem

    I have re-installed XP Home on my machine and have installed the latest drivers from Creative ( For some strange reason control panel now defaults to headset, even when no headset is connected. Does anybody have an idea what might cause this? Albert
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dimension 8300 - Audigy 2 Sound Problem

    I think so, the problem I have is that the original CD that came with the PC has a big crack in it :-(. I saw the update on the site. Would you know any way of getting hold of these drivers? This is the info on the CD: P/N # J1148 Rev # A00 Win 2K/XP Driver Version: Build...