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  • Forum Thread: Dimension 8100 Windows XP boot failure after upgrading to 2GB RDRAM

    Hi Hope someone here can help. I have a Dimension 8100 system that I had upgraded with a PL/P4N to 2.8 GHz processor a number of years ago. I had also upgraded to 768Mb RDRAM (using two sticks of PC800-45 256Mb RDRAM manufactured by SAMSUNG. Everything working fine. BTW , I'm running Windows...
  • Forum Thread: Upgrade Inspiron 530S Processor

    Hi guys. I am looking to upgrade my Inspiron 530S Processor. Currently I have an Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz processor, 32-bit OS. What processors are compatible? I'd like to get at least 3.0GHz. Thank you!
  • Forum Thread: Geforce GTX Titan for XPS 8700

    I'm thinking of purchasing an XPS 8700, does anyone know if I can use a Geforce GTX Titan graphics card in a XPS 8700. Mark.
  • Forum Thread: E521 WIN XP Home Sp3 - How do I install the slave drive? How to install a DVD bruner? Upgrade ram?

    Just compleated reformatting the master drive and now looking to install a new slave drive. I know how to physically install the HD I but need to know how to format it if needed. System is XP Home , SATA, SP3. I believe that the slave should be formatted NTFS correct? I would like to lable the slave...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Inspiron 660S – Can upgrade the Video Card to NVidia GT660 improve font clarity?

    Hello sir, I have recently bought my dell inspiron 660s desktop. It has NVIDIA gt 620 1 gb graphics card. But this graphics card is not sufficient for me to play games like Crysis. So i need to update my graphics card. But i came to know that only graphics card of low profile can be used. Can you...
  • Forum Thread: HEEELP!

    Hi all. Just a really weird one. I was given a Optiplex Gx620 *Desktop Version (the slightly smaller than tower) and I wish to put a new Power supply in, a little better would be good so I can get a little better graphics card. It currently has only a 280watt PSU and On-Board Graphics. This...
  • Forum Thread: Dimension 9150 & SSD

    I am looking to add an SSD to my aging Dimension 9150 <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> Everything is original except : BIOS has been upgraded to latest. ( as well as all drivers ) I have already bumped the memory up to 4Gb. I have already added a 1Gb Video Card...
  • Forum Thread: Studio XPS video card and PSU upgrade

    I need to upgrade my video card and PSU, and have been considering the XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 and Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 530 W. Could anyone tell me whether these will be compatible with my current system and each other? System specs: Dell Studio XPS 435MT CPU - Intel Core...
  • Forum Thread: remote RC 260

    I need help :) I upgraded my Inspiron 2305. windows 8 pro. And remote control does not work under windows I could use it at first then it updated and now nothing :( I believe that there is some software which i could not find in the "downloads" section :( Maybe here is somebody...
  • Forum Thread: Dell 690 and gaming?

    Hi, so I've been searching for ways to turn my dell 690 into a gaming computer I have yet to see anyone do it I am very new with computers but i do know basics and most components. Please help me on how to go about this and how to even begin my limit is about $500. Yes I am a noob
  • Forum Thread: XPS 8300 - Ivy Bridge & RAM support

    I have been searching, and searching for a forum, post, comment... anything that confirms what is the maximum RAM supported in a Dell XPS 8300 and also whether Ivy Bridge CPUs are supported or not. I am yet to find anything conclusive (please share if you have), so, I have done the testing myself...
  • Forum Thread: Video card for my Dell XPS 400

    Hey guys, My question is what type of video card can i get that will play Diablo 3 decently... theses are the supported graphic cards . I don't have the money for a new computer so i am kinda stuck with my dell XPS 400. My service tag number...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Dimensions B110 will not turn on.

    I have a Dell Dimensions B110 and my issue is it will not turn on. this first happend when i accidently switched a "Value RAM" from the one that came with the computer. I have tried switching it back but it did nothing. i hesar the 1-3-2 beep sequence so i know it is a memory problem; the diagnostic...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Optiplex GX 280 Small Mini Tower Processor Upgrade

    I currently have a Dell OptiPlex GX280 with an Intel Pentium 4 520 2.8GHz and I’m going to upgrade it to the Intel Pentium 4 670 3.8 GHz . Yes I know I have to upgrade it to a Dell Power Supply and Fan. But I just wanted to know if it would work without any incompatible errors. Thanks.
  • Forum Thread: dell e510 cpu question.

    hi i have a quick question about my dimension e510 cpu. i was just wondering if there is a way i can upgrade the cpu or do i have to get a new motherboard? i want a better cpu that can handle gaming better. any information is appreciated thanks
  • Forum Thread: Quick question about upgrading PSU and GPU in Inspiron 530 (not s)

    Hi, I've been researching all night about which PSU and GPU is the perfect upgrade for me. Before I click the buy button, I would just like to double check and make absolutely sure that they are compatible with my system. PSU: So far, I've found an Antec NEO ECO 520C that seems to be...
  • Forum Thread: Best CPU compatible in the GX520 Desktop

    This has been asked before I know, but I've seen contradicting answers so... My GX520 , revision A02, has a single core Pentium 4 3.0GHz currently. I know the Core 2 Duo and above series aren't compatible full stop. Therefore I'm interested in the Pentium D series. There's...
  • Forum Thread: GPU DONT WORK

    Hello, i have a problem with my DELL INSPIRON 530 ( FoxConn-G33M02 MB, 4GB RAM, ATI HD 2600 XT 256MB, INTEL DUO 2,4GHz) i had bought a GEFORCE GTX 550TI and upgraded my Power Supply (from 350W to 450W) The problem is : When i put my New GTX 550 TI into the PCIe-Slot the Monitor shows nothing...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 531 Upgrades

    I have a Dell Inspiron 531 and I have recently been upgrading it. Here is what it is Currently Windows 8 Pro 32bit (just upgraded from Windows Vista), AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.1GHZ, 3GB of RAM, Standard 300w PSU and an ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Graphics Card. The BIOS is version 1.0.13 so there no problem...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 530

    I recently purchased a new XPS8500 and have installed a new psu and gpu. My question is whether or not I can take the stock 450w psu and Radeon 7570 gpu which I removed from the XPS and install them in my Inspiron530 that is running Windows 7? It would be a nice upgrade from the 9500 GeForce that's...
  • Forum Thread: Can i upgrade the processor in my Dell xps 600

    Dear All I am attempting to play a new online game and I am always experiencing lag. I suspect this is due to my intel pentium 4 processor. Can i upgrade it to a intel core 2 quad processor 2.4ghz or better? If so how?
  • Forum Thread: Trying to change out HDD with a SATA but system not reading.

    Does anyone know what settings I should envoke in the BIOS or what driver I should load when I start reloading windows?
  • Forum Thread: Graphics Card Update For XPS 8300

    I currently have a ATI 4650 but im planning to buy a 550ti or a 560 both are under the max power of the PSU the pc has, but from experience has anyone tried to upgrade your graphic card into one similar maybe the ATI 5670?
  • Forum Thread: What should I install first?

    I know it doesn't really matter, but what should I install first? My New CPU or my Graphic card?
  • Forum Thread: Vostro 220s on Windows 7 64-bit

    I have recently ungraded my Dell Vostro 220s to Windows 7 64-bit (Was Win 7 32 Bit) to make use of the 4Gb RAM. Everthing has worked perfectly and was easy, however, my SD memory cards aren't being read anymore. The lights are flashing on the drive (Built-in reader) but nothing appears on the screen...