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  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 2350 AIO BIOS

    On a new-out-of-the-box Inspiron 2350 AIO, I checked the BIOS tab Advanced, On Board Device Configuration, SATA Mode and found it was set to RAID. I thought this was unusual. Later I had problems upgrading to Windows 8.1 and had to rebuild Windows from a Dell Recovery CD. (The 2350 does not have optical...
  • Forum Thread: google plus

    I heard that dell was thinking about using Google plus for support i think this is a great idea. The video chat feature would be like text support on steroids, making it a lot faster and easier to find a solution to your problem copy and paste this in a new forum if you think dell should use Google plus...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Upgrade Optiplex 745 with Quad Core

    I want to upgrade my Dell Optiplex 745 to duad core plz suggest me is it possible and how?
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 530 & RAID

    First off let me state that I'm helping my dad with his Inspiron 530 and so I don't know all the specs of his system. Long story short, his 500Gb hard drive died (seen in BIOS only and nothing more) and now he wants some redundency now just in case this happens again. He has called Dell support...
  • Forum Reply: Re: RAID adapters with Inspirion i620-1040??

    There is no reason to believe it should not if the BIOS works correctly. RAID cards with BIOS use the Int13h for booting and any PC BIOS should recognize this. I have a Dell 560 with AMI bios which is running a RocketRaid 2300 RAID1 for boot drive with no problem.