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  • Forum Thread: Will the GTX 780 ti work fine in my XPS 8700 special edition?

    Currently, I have an XPS 8700 special edition with an AMD Radeon R9 270. Unfortunately, I think this card may be broken. Whenever I try and play games that require some power, the screen turns black and sometimes turns into colors after the black screen. There is also a strange sound coming from the...
  • Forum Thread: I like upgrade graphics card on xps 8500 pc do I need A Better power supply?

    I have A dell xps 8500 unsure do I need A new power I have only A 500 watt psu. I what upgrade to A msi radeon 7950 oc be 3GB gddr5 Model# R7950-3GD5/OC BE . Could I get by with 500 watt psu turn up pc power options to High performance, also used pci blower fan and vented pci plate covers what you recommend...