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  • Forum Thread: google plus

    I heard that dell was thinking about using Google plus for support i think this is a great idea. The video chat feature would be like text support on steroids, making it a lot faster and easier to find a solution to your problem copy and paste this in a new forum if you think dell should use Google plus...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 519 Screen goes Dark after couple hours

    This is a brand new (Christmas 2008) ... it is pretty much left on all day ... after roughly two hours, the screen will go dark and a power-cycle is needed to bring it back to life. The video display will also occasionally go dark and I need to turn the display off and back on to recover. Are there...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Inspiron 519 Screen goes Dark after couple hours

    I have an Ispiron 518 and have recently experienced this same problem. My PC also is just over 3 months old. I noticed that I had the problem when I had disconnected the webcam in order to free up the usb port for anther item. The webcam is built into the monitor but uses it's own usb port. I s/d...