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  • Forum Thread: New hard drive into a Dim3000, size recognized as 6000mb instead of 160gb

    WinXp home Western Digital HD (recognized properly on a seperate CPU) Old hard drive was only 40g, needed an upgrade Went to install WinXp (with a WinXpHome CD, want to keep my old data on old HD as a second source), and it brought me to the partitioning section, and showed my new HD as 6000mb...
  • Forum Thread: New Hard drive is E not C! Pls Help!!

    Hi Helpers! (gosh, I hope so), I had a new hard drive installed on my dimension 3000 computer. I installed windows xp software. Only problem is, the install thinks my hard drive is E and my dvd player is the C. As you can imagine, this has caused many problems. I am a layman when it comes to computers...
  • Forum Reply: Re: No Diagnostic Utility Partition Identified

    Many years ago Dell used to supply for download the software to CREATE the Diagnostic Utility Partition along with the diagnostic software. I checked with Dell support and it appears that Dell no longer offers this software download. The diagnostic software download they offer is only for running...