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  • Forum Thread: New computer; issues w/ monitor staying on

    Just purchased an XPS 8300 earlier this week. It's been running fine (actually, incredibly compared to my old Compaq) but there is one issue occurring repeatedly. I play The Sims 3, and whenever I play for more than 20 minutes, the monitor (also a Dell) comes up with a message saying "entering...
  • Forum Thread: My Dad's XPS One screen went to white....

    So, Dad bought it a year ago...Two days after the original warranty expired, the screen went white...we can't see what the computer is doing. This desktop is all one piece, including the monitor...any ideas?
  • Forum Thread: GX270 boots and loads OS but screen is black

    Hi, I Recently installed a DVI graphics card in order to be able to use 2 monitors at the same time with my Dell GX270. After changing the setting of windows so that the DVI will be the primary monitor, i tried to reboot but both screens are black. The computer boots, loads windows XP and works (I...
  • Forum Thread: Dell ST2420L Power Saving Mode

    I am having problems with the ST2420L entering power saving mode when starting my computer or waking my computer up from sleep mode. Sometimes it wakes and starts normally, most times it fails completely. The only temporary solution I got is if I unplug the monitor from my video card and replug...