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  • Forum Thread: Upgrading A Graphics Card?

    I bought a Diamond Multimedia Stealth Ati Radeon 256mb For my Dell Dimension 2300 Which is what I was told by Dell to by anyway I'm having trouble installing it.I don't know what to do can anyone Help me? I saw on here somewhere where somebody said what to do and I tried that and when I boot...
  • Forum Thread: Install problem PCI video card in Optiplex 170L

    OS: Windows XP BIOS settings--Integrated Devices PCI slots enabled When Primary Video Controller is set to AUTO and PCI video card is installed: I have no video output from either the on board or PCI video card When Primary Video Controller is set to ON BOARD and PCI video card is installed...
  • Forum Thread: pci-e ati graphics card conflicts with pci ati graphics card?

    (this is a double post to general hardware - just trying to reach out to as many people as possible!) hi everyone, i'm trying to get two graphics cards into my desktop, but am having trouble getting both cards to be recognized at the same time. has anyone had this problem, and found a solution...