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  • Forum Thread: Most powerful video card possible for Dimension 9100

    I've made a few upgrades to my Dimension 9100 since i first purchased it. Primarily I've taken the CPU up to a Pentium D 950, upgraded the RAM to 4GB, and have a Radeon X800 pushing video. This computer is faster than I could ask for in 90% of its tasks, but in anticipation of some of the newer...
  • Forum Thread: Nvidia 7200GS and Optiplex GX280 mini-tower - will it work?

    I've just purchased a Nvidia 7200GS 256Mb PCI-e card online for my Optiplex GX280 mini-tower (3.0Ghz P4, 80GB SATA, 1GB RAM) , which I believe has a 250w PSU. I see Nvidia's recommended minimum is a 300w. Can I get away with this? Or am I asking for trouble?
  • Forum Thread: Help with a Inspiron 530s (slim case)

    I'm looking into upgrading my Inspiron 530s for better gaming (I've been told that it was a bad choice of computers, especially for gaming, but it was cheap and I can't take it back now). I've been trying to decide between a few graphics cards the best low profile cards I have found are...