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  • Forum Thread: cannot view signal from graphics card

    I have a small form factor Dell Optiplex 790 with a AMD Radeon 3450 Card running Win7 64bit I have the comp connected to my TV via a VGA cable from the integrated graphics because I cannot get the Card to display on my TV. The card has a DMS-59 output port to which I have connected a Splitter adapter...
  • Forum Thread: How do I get 3 monitors for these machines?

    Please help. What would I need in order to have 3 monitors with each of these machines? What video card, ect.? These run Windows XP. Optiplex 745 Optiplex 755 Optiplex 760 Optiplex 780 Optiplex 790 Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
  • Forum Thread: Optiplex 790 Displayport issue

    I have an Optiplex 790 and am trying to set up Dual Monitors. Both Monitors have DVI and VGA inputs. My 790 has a VGA and Displayport output. I have the standard VGA cable and it works great on both Monitors. I also have a Displayport to DVI adapter with a DVI cable. When I hook this up to either Monitor...