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  • Forum Thread: Dell studio xps 8100 graphic card upgrade

    Hi! I have dell studio xps 8100 and I want to upgrade the video card Recently I have bought digital alliance GTX 650 1024mb GDDR5 card. However when I insert it into the slot, 6 beeping sound occur. Thus I cannot start the computer. I am trying hard to find the solution towards this problem. Can...
  • Forum Thread: Can the Dell Inspiron All in One 2330 have two addition monitors hooked up to it (3 in total)

    Hi All, Can the Dell Inspiron All in One 2330 have two addition monitors hooked up to it (3 in total)? I had no problem hooking up a second monitor via VGA out. But can I hook a third. Is there any way? Thanks, Adam
  • Forum Thread: update Graphic Card (dell vostro 460)

    Hi, all. Appreciate in advance if any expert could help me to answer the question about the graphic card update . I have a Dell Vostro 460. Recently I want to update the graphic card (the original one is NIVIDIA GT 420) to
  • Forum Thread: Dell Studio 540 Graphics upgrade

    I have a Dell Studio 540, I just bought a 450w Power supply and is looking for a Video card upgrade. Just wondering what my options are for 450w?
  • Forum Thread: would a radeon graphics card fit a del opptiplex gx620

    my friend has this for sale and im in need of a new graphics card and was wondering if this would fit my pc i have a dell optiplex gx620
  • Forum Thread: Highest GFX Card for 730xps

    I'd like to upgrade my graphics card with the highest end gfx available for my setup as possible. I'd like to make the purchase this evening so I was hoping for a speedy answer but will take the best answer available gratefully. I currently have a 9800gt and I will include all the specs of...
  • Forum Thread: Best Graphics Card Upgrade for a Dell XPS 410

    I have an older Dell XPS 410 that I have upgraded the fool out of. Once I updated the BIOS I was able to install an Intel Core2 Quad Q6700 running at 2.66ghz and 8gb of PC2-6400 Dual Channel DDR2 RAM. Recently I have been having troubles with my graphics card. It's an older Nvidia GeForce GT 120...
  • Forum Thread: Glitching on one of two monitors XPS 8300

    My radeon hd 6770 on my dell xps 8300 keeps glitching on one of the monitors it switches screens every so often and it really bothers me. my card runs at about 50 -60 c temp and have i7, 460 power supply please help me. Is there any way to fix this i just updated the drivers.
  • Forum Thread: Dell monitor ST2320L displaying "The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display"

    Okay so just recently, my desktop decided to not play steam games because when i loaded them it came up with "The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display". So i decided to google it and in the forums it said MSfix or something like that would fix the display problem and...
  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS 8300 & AMD Radeon R9 270x

    Hey there Dell Community! This Christmas I received a Radeon R9 270x to replace my AMD Radeon 5700 HD Series. Unfortunately, after multiple tries I cannot get my new Graphics Card to work. Upon installing the graphics card, the fans spin, the lights turn on, and the everything else works. However,...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Precision 490 Video Card Upgrade Question

    Hello, I have a Dell Precision 490, with two 3Ghz dual Xeon processors, 16GB of Ram. The current video card is nVidia Quadro 3450, PCI Express x16 1.0 graphics card slot; I would like to know if my workstation allows for the video card upgrade to: nVidia Quadro K2000 or nvidia Quadro K4000...
  • Forum Thread: Upgrading Video Card, any suggestions?

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop about two years ago. I'm running an Intel 2.4 Core 2 Quad Processor, 4GB of DDR2 Ram, with a PCI Express x16 Radeon 2600XT HD Video Card. Anyways, I did some research on these forums and found that the motherboard that came with my desktop is a FoxConn DG33M03...
  • Forum Thread: Dell geforce 8600 256mb gt ddr3 not a normal 8600?

    Well I had vista and it said that my ram was running at 600 something mhz when infact I had the 800mhz ram. Dell support finally figured out that vista takes the lowest mhz it can find in your system and thats what it goes by. They said that my graphics card ram was 600 something ( i cant remember the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Anyone successfully running two PCIE video cards in a Inspiron 530?

    No dice here either. I have a 8400GS PCIe X1 card and it fails to recognize it. Nothing on boot. nothing in Device Manager. Let us know if this is fixed with a MB replacement. Thanks.
  • Forum Reply: Re: hd 4670 in a c521

    Hi It will work fine. Some use this card with only only 250 watt stock psu. You may want to diable the video card's HD audio. it drains power from your cpu) If you need some help with that ,just let me know. I
  • Forum Thread: Installing Nvidia 9600 GSO graphic card on Inspiron 530

    I just bough a Dell Inspiron 530 with a quad core and Windows Vista 64, and I want to install a Nvidia GeForce 9600 GSO video card. I tried to install the drivers and got an error message saying the hardware could not be found (presumably because the computer was only seeing the intrgrated chip, and...
  • Forum Thread: Computer Is Locked-Cannot Reboot-Open Windows Or Anything

    My computer locked up a few days ago and I had to shut down manually. [ Dell Insiron 530 Desktop <Admin: Service Tag remove per TOU Policy>] I purchased this unit in 2008, directly from Dell. Windows Vista When I turned it back on, all I got was an error message on black screen ( Diskette...
  • Forum Thread: can't install ati video card driver

    Dell Inspiron 530 / CPU E7200 Intel Core 2 Duo 3GB RAM 2.53 GHz Integrated Graphics: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family Windows 7 (32-Bit) I'm trying to install ATI Sapphire HD2600PRO AGP. Everything's plugged in and connected. I've tried installing different ATI drivers, no success...
  • Forum Thread: Intel G33/G31 Chipset Upgrade

    I have a Dell Inspiron 530S, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40Ghz, Vista Home Premium, with an Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family (this is the slim kind of desktop design). I've been editing video and just upgraded to 6 gigs of RAM. However, the video starts to run slowly during editing and it's really...
  • Forum Thread: inspiron 530 firewire upgrade and video card question

    on the front of my inspiron 530 is a slot for 1394 firewire cable but there is no port there. i am guessing that's because it is an upgrade. i was wondering where that upgrade could be purchased. i know you can purchase a card with 3 firewire inputs but i would like front access for convenience with...
  • Forum Thread: What video card would work with my Inspiron 530

    Looking to buy one for around 100~150 But the old age of my pc makes me wonder if anything will work. I cannot afford a new system just a new video card for now. At the moment I have Geforce 8600 but its starting to die. Thanks!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Upgrading graphics on PC

    Thank You both, guys!
  • Forum Thread: Use of HDTV as alternate monitor

    I attempted to connect my Inspiron 530 desktop computer with a Toshiba HDTV. I used a SVGA cable. The first time i booted up everything worked fine, including getting an instant view of a Netflix movie. Since then, however, I get the Dell logo, then shortly thereafter the TV states "unsupported...
  • Forum Thread: Dell xps 400 vs Inspiron 530 which to upgrade to handle diablo 3?

    Hello guys thanks for reading my post i've searched threads for both comps most of em are pretty dated and the suggestions for video card upgrades are not available to purchase new anymore. My main concern is which comp to upgrade so I can get some Diablo 3 action going? I'd be playing at...
  • Forum Thread: Is the ASUS EAH4870 DK 1G compatible with inspiron 530?

    I should have asked this question earlier before buying it, I upgraded my power supply to a corsair 750WAT and installed the card, but sometimes when using the card to play certain games my monitor just goes black and I have to restart the computer. Is there any part of the inspiron 530 (excluding the...