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Optiplex GX280 dual monitor question


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Optiplex GX280 dual monitor question

  • Does the new Optiplex GX280 support dual analog (CRT) monitors via the onboard 915G video?
  • jhegyi,

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    Dell isn't selling that solution. But this is a workaround:

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  • What about dual flat panels (DVI-D)?  Seems kind of strange that that functionality would not be available in the GX280 when it was in the GX270 (via an add-in card).




  • jhegyi,

    Yes, via the add-in PCI-E video card and splitter:
  • Just some clarification..

    Is the "add-in PCI-E video card" the option "DVI (Digital) Adapter Card" that is listed on the website.

    Also will this support Dual monitor by extending the desktop, or just cloning the desktop.

    Before I buy 2k in flat screens, I want to make sure they do what I would expect


    Has anyone tried this with the 280.....


  • I think that jhegyi's question is a good and valid one. When looking at the video selection section and browsing the 'Help Me Choose' page, it doesn't specifically state that the DVI Adapter PCI Express card supports dual dvi. But if the cable that's available does do either or both extended and cloned type monitor support, what's the final word on this?


    -Chris P Sharp

  • At present there's only one way to get dual independant monitors from the GX280 without recourse to a 3rd party PCIe video card.

    The integrated Intel GMA900 video can be supplemented with the optional DVI add card which fits in the PCIe slot. It's available for all chassis. The on board VGA and the DVI are both simultaneously active and can be configured in any dual screen mode within the Windows display settings in the usual way.

    Please note that the DVI port is DVI-D which means only digital flat panels can be connected. All Dell UltraSharp flat panels have both VGA and DVI inputs so the same model monitor can be used for both displays, albeit one connected via the not desirable analogue connection.

    In the same way the GX270 had a 128MB video card option with both VGA and DVI splitter cables so will the GX280, but I hear this will be in 4 - 8 weeks time.


  • Looks like that dvi card gets subpar quality... Spec'd at only being able to display 65 hz for a refresh rate... I bailed on getting the gx280 and got a 270 instead. Seems intel has been having issues with the motherboard, and its trouble I dont want.. Good luck with what everyone else gets.
  • I just ordered yesterday a Optiplex GX280 with a new ATI card that is available:

    128MB ATI Radeon X300 Dual DVI/VGA

    and then I bougth two Samsung 910T Flat panels monitor....


    I have the same setup at work....It's great !


  • Marcio,

    Is your GX280 a small form-factor, small desktop or a small mini-tower computer? I know that in a small desktop GX280 you can use only a low profile X300 with only one DVI port. I think a DVI splitter is the only solution in this case.

  • I have the low profile x300 in my GX280.
    When you do get the DVI splitter, is the dual monitors setup in a spanned desktop or cloned desktop?
    Is this a setting you can toggle with the card as it will know that there is a splitter on it and can extend the desktop?
    Thanks in advance for the help!
  • I think it was a cloned desktop only, I could not get a dualView mode. Besides, the system was not stable - one or both monitor sometimes turned to a sleep mode. I have two LCD monitors: Dell 1703FP (DVI/VGA) and old IBM T85D (DVI only) monitors.

    I know, GX280 (small desktop) works fine in a dualView mode with an add-in PCI-E DVI (Digital) Adapter Card (it is kind of extension for the built-in video) and new LCD monitors. In this case you do not need a DVI splitter - connect one monitor to the VGA port and another one to the DVI port.

    I have tried 128MB ATI Radeon X300 (low profile version), but the computer worked for 20 min and then cut the power. Later I found out that this card requires 300 watts, but a small desktop GX280 has a power unit with about 210 watts.

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  • I do have the add-in X300 DVI card which I am currently using as my primary video. I also tried to hook another monitor to the vga port but : 
    1. Whenever I reboot the system it won't boot until I unplug the monitor in the vga port. I have gone to the BIOS and switched it to the onboard, but it still stops me at BIOS post check and tells me to unplug the monitor.
    2. When in windows, I cannot get the onboard VGA to initialize. It does not show up inside the device manager for me to enable/disable.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks again for the help!

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  • As I told, a small desktop GX280 has only 210W power supply, but your X300 requires 300W. This is exactly what happened to my system. When the GX280 cut the power, the power button was flashing orange, and the computer could not boot until I removed the X300 card.

    I think a small desktop GX280 does not enough power to handle the X300. The only option for you is an add-in PCIe DVI video card (low profile) from Dell.
  • Just got the Optiplex GX280 with a dell 1905FP.   The 1905FP has a dvi interface, and I would like to connect two monitors (a CRT and 1905FP) but I don't see a DVI interface on the PC.

    I have the mini-tower profile for Optiplex.

    Do I need a DVI card?