need driver update for rage 128 pro ultra gl agp video card


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need driver update for rage 128 pro ultra gl agp video card

  • need driver update for rage 128 pro ultra gl agp video card.  my current driver is from 7/01.

    i looked on but didn't find one.  i downloaded one from but it would not install saying it wasn't compatible with my hardware.

  • What o/s do you have?

    Heres the link for 98se/ME

    This ones for XP

    Note : These are the latest drivers available that support OpenGL October 2001

    Probably time for a new card, any of the budget cards will be a maasive improvement over your current display adaptor :)

    Good luck

    Dimension 8200
    Pentium 4 2.6ghz / 400mhz
    1024mb Samsung pc800 rdram
    160gb Western Digital 8mb cache
    120gb Western Digital 8mb cache
    16x Samsung DVD
    24x Nec CD/RW
    Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2
    10/100 3com Network
    Sapphire Atlantis 9700 pro Graphics
    Win xp Home

    3dmark 2001se - 14251
    3dmark 03 - 4994

  • thanks for the help. i tried to install the one from dated october 2001. i got an error saying the driver was not compatible with my hardware.  i did find a driver from dell last night dated dec 2001. i'll try that later.  if this doesn't work i'll get a new card.

    i was looking at the radeon 128 9600se agp.  This card uses an agp slot can.  My pc has pci slots can i still use this type of card?


  • What system do you have and the specs? cpu, memory etc

    If you have no AGP slot on the board then you will have to get a PCI card...

    The best one available is the (Visiontek 128mb 9100 pci) , but they are pretty hard to find.... another option is the Geforce 128mb FX5200 pci, you will have no trouble finding this card :)

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