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What PCI Video Cards Will Fit In A Slim Design Case?


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What PCI Video Cards Will Fit In A Slim Design Case?

  • If you read my last topic, you saw that I recieved a Radeon 9600 card for my birthday, however I have a Dimension 4500S which does not have a AGP slot and so I eventually had to give it back.  It was very upsetting for the person who got it for me...  Anyway, I still don't have a video card (I'm currently using onboard) and I was wondering if anyone knew what of any cards that might fit into my case.  I was looking at a Gexcube Version of the Radeon 9200 (PCI Version) 128MB, but I am unsure of how physically big the card is.  Would this fit into my slim case design, and if not, what will?

            Thanks Again,


  • With a 4500S, you are not limited to low-profile PCI video cards.  The 4500S can handle just about any PCI video card, with the exception of the Hercules 9000 PCI or the Voodoo 5 5500 PCI.  Both of these cards are a bit too long to fit inside the PCI riser cage.

    Some time ago I did a review of several different PCI video cards (on my 4500S, no less), which you can read here:


    Each card I tested fit just fine inside my 4500S.  The 9200SE PCI is a decent card, but there are several others that offer greater performance.  If you see a particular card in the review that you want but can't seem to find, just let me know, and I should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Hope that helps a little.

  • HI I  am new to this forum,and also have a 4500s,

    I was wondering if a SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 9000

    64MB,DDR,DVI,TV-OUT,PCI-BULK video card also fits

  • Yes, it also fits. I am currently using the 128mb version of that same card in my 4500S.
  • Mloot, yet again you are the beacon of knowledge and reason in a very much gloomy situation.  The article you put a link to in your response was most helpful.  I naturally assumed that the 9200SE would perform better, thinking the higher number meant better.  However, this article has convinced me otherwise.  I think I am going to give the Radeon 9100 128MB a try.  Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance, Mloot.

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  • THANKS,I was going to buy the 128MB  but they were sold out of those.

  • Here are a couple of places that still sell the 64mb 9100 PCI:





    Now, another intrepid poster on the forums found what may be the last store still selling the 128mb 9100 PCI (which they are selling out their last stock of, so get one while you can) here:



    Of course, you can often find one or two 128mb 9100 PCI's for sale on Ebay. 

  • here's a place that has a 128MB version did not see any 64'shttp://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc.asp?description=14-102-343&depa=1
  • also should have asked if I needed to delete any old drivers before installing the RADEON 9000?
  • Definitely, if you have already had an add-on video card in your system before.

  • thanks, I have the original one that came with my system when I bought it.
  • Do you have a 4500S, and are you referring to the integrated video that came with your system?
  • yes I have a dimension 4500s  with a Intel 82845G/GL Graphics Controller

    with a 82845G/GL chip set wich came with my computer.


  • I wrote down the steps I use whenever I add a PCI video card to my 4500S in the thread linked below:


    Maybe that will help some.

  • thank you