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Geforce 5200 FX install problem on a 4400 Dimension


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Geforce 5200 FX install problem on a 4400 Dimension

  • Ok i had a PNY geforce 5200 fx 128 mb agp video card that wouldnt boot, kept hanging after the WWW.DELL.COM screen with the error "Boot Failure: System Halted" message on a black screen. I thought maybe it was a bad card so I returned it to the store and got a BFG geforce 5200 fx 256mb agp card that also met all my comp specs of P4 1.8ghz proc/ 768mb ram / 2.0 agp slot but am getting the saem error from this card so it has to be my computer. tried to call dell for help but thay are useless and tell me to call BFG adn they say the same thing call Dell lol,  I need help. BFG said iy might ber my power supply migth not be enough, my current power supply says 250w MAX and the specs for the card say 250w min (recomended 300w). Does this sound like it could be the problem? Not enough power so it wont boot? Someone else said maybe my motherboard doesnt push out enough power for this card. ould my bios need updating maybe? I dont know much about computers and need some advice. Oh yeah my system is a Dell Dimension 4400 1.8ghz proc / 768mb ram / current vid card is "geforce 2" 64mb mx400 that came with the comp. HELP!! lol :P
  • Anyone have any info on this? Or some suggestions please.
  • geforce fx5200 is not a good card in my opinion.. if i were i would look for a radeon9600 or geforce fx5700 if you want to spend around 150$ for your vid card


    go look in  or

  • Makes sure you are putting the card in correctly.  Your power supply will work for the 5200 btw.

    Does your other card work, or have you tried putting it back in.

    Also, this may sound dumb, but make sure you plugged it into your PSU, heh

  • This sounds like a Hardware level or BIOS problem.

    Have you updated your BIOS to version A06? Have you gone into your BIOS to see if the video card is detected as a 4x AGP video card? Disable quick boot to see where your boot-up is failing. It might be failing during the Removable/Hard Disk boot sequence.

  • I still havent figured this one out yet lol been a few months thought i would try again and see if anyone knows anything about this problem. I can put the original vid card back in and it boots just fine. As far as the bios update i cant seem to get that to work either. I downloaded AO6 the newest version to a floppy and restarted my comp and it goes to a black screen and says "Starting MS DOS mode..." and hangs there any ideas??????



  • Ok i got the BIOS to flash to the newest one AO6, i then uninstalled the nvidia drivers in the add/remove programs like the new vid card stated to do and turn comp off not restart. I then popped in the new card and restarted, while booting it jumped to the setup and i changed the aperature from 64mg to 256mg and saved and exited it then continued to boot up and loaded all the way with no errors. XP recognized my new hardware and i followed the Vid card install instrucions by canceling the add hardware wizard and popped in their cd and installed the drivers for the card. Ok all uis going well i update to the newest nvidia drivers and reboot and still all is going well. I start up my Everquest game get inside and the upgrade is huge i get like no lag with all graphics turned up high im thinking finally. I shut game down to go and tweak a few settings and when its exiting my screen goes black and hangs. I wait and click mouse and turn monitor on and off and nothing so i hit the power button on the tower and it flips to desktop i see a quick Everquest error window and the pc continues to shut down. Im thinking ok no biggie i might need to change some more settings or something, i restart the pc and its back to hanging on a error during boot just like before i updated the bios. Any ideas???? I tried to uninstall the nvidia stuff again and that dont work. It does boot up with the original card but dammm i want those kicking graphics back lol. Help!!1


  • what driver version do you have, depending on which came on the disk you may want to get the newest ones from the nvidia website