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icons etc too big on screen


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icons etc too big on screen

  • Hi Chris,


    Apparently you can help me with this?


    I have just re-installed Windows XP Home onto my computer, but now everything on the screen is gone very large.   ie on the desktop screen, all the fonts and pictures etc are much bigger than they used to be, and there is a message saying that there is not enough room in the Start menu when I click on it.

    I have tried to increase the resolution size in the control panel, but this is stuck at the lowest level.   Any ideas on how to fix it?

    JesseL said something about re-installing the video card drivers into the system in order to get all the color and resolution choices from within Windows.

    How do you do this! Thanks

  • cullenswood,

    Use this process:
    * Load the Dell Resource, Drivers and Utilities CD application
    * Load the Intel Chipset driver
    * Load the Intel video driver

    * Insert the Drivers and Utilities CD in the CD drive
    * If nothing opens, double click the My Computer icon, double-click the letter of your top CD drive
    * The ResourceCD Installation window appears
    * Click the OK button
    * The Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard window appears
    * Click the Next button
    * The InstallShield Wizard Complete window appears
    * Click the Finish button
    * Click Start- Shutdown- Restart- OK or Click Start- Turn Off Computer- Restart
    * Click Start- Programs- Dell Accessories- Dell Resource CD
    * Click Next
    * Choose your System Model = Dimension 2400
    * Choose your Operating System = ?
    * Choose the Topic = Drivers
    * You will see a list of devices on the right side. To load the driver for a specific device, click that device
    * Follow the prompts to load the Intel Chipset and video card driver
  • Thanks, will try that this evening, and let you know if it doesn't work!!    Is the Drivers and Utilities CD is the ResourceCD???
  • cullenswood,

    Some systems have two CDs, Resource CD and Drivers and Utilities while others just have one CD.
  • Thanks Chris,


    That worked perfectly for the icon size, and it was the Resouces cd I found the drivers on.  

    Another quick problem though :)!  

    I have tried to run a game on the PC and a message came up saying that I am missing an Indeo Video Playback, and that it requires a current Indeo codec to run this game,   This didn't happen before I had to reinstall XP Home.   How would I solve this, I couldn't see Indeo anywhere on the Resources cd.


    Thanks again for the help

  • cullenswood,

    The Indeo Ligos codec used to be free. The game manufacturers assumed this would always be the case. Now, several games need the codec and Indeo forces the consumer to buy it to play the game. In my opinion, the game manufacturer should have including the Indeo Ligos codec on the game CD. Click here to purchase and download the codec.

    NOTE - The Ligos site is down. Just keep checking the website
  • How come it was working before I reinstalled XP Home??   It seems a bit unfair that when I reinstall my system that there is something missing from what I had before?