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XPS 8700, GTX 970/980, Black Screen on Boot, Bios A10 released


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XPS 8700, GTX 970/980, Black Screen on Boot, Bios A10 released

  • UPDATE 12/15/14 = The A10 bios is here and on the XPS 8700 page here.

    * Download/Save the file to the windows desktop
    * Before running A10, I would install the prior Bios in order
    * Disconnect any external hard drives, keys, printer, scanner, etc. You only want the USB mouse, USB keyboard, LAN, monitor connected
    * Run the executable from Windows
    * Allow the system to complete the installation and restart automatically. Do not force a restart or power off

    NEW thread started to discuss XPS 8700 Nvidia GTX video card upgrades

    Place holder for new thread to discuss XPS 8700 AMD video card upgrades

    We and Nvidia are looking into the issue, but understand, we only "test/validate" those video cards in my list. Our warranty does not cover non-OEM video cards NOT on our list. Ultimately, it will be up to the XPS 8700 Team and our Legal Team to decide if Dell is going to allocate resources to fix an issue with non-validated, non-tested 3rd party hardware. All I can do is funnel the data to them. Below are the Dell validated/tested OEM video cards for the XPS 8700 and our 460w power supply =

    8MXMJ Nvidia GeForce GTX750Ti P123N, 2GB, DVI-I/DVI-D/mHDMI
    TC2P0 Nvidia GeForce GTX745 M302N, 4GB, DVI-I/DP/HDMI
    9YJWT Nvidia GeForce GT720 M211N, 1GB, VGA/DVI-D/HDMI
    FPDH3 Nvidia GeForce GTX660 D15P2-40 V2, 1.5GB, DVI-I/DVI-D/DP/HDMI, (Win 8)
    2CHCY Nvidia GeForce GTX660 D14P2-40, 1.5GB, DVI-I/DVI-D/DP/HDMI, (Win 8)
    8C3R5 Nvidia GeForce GTX650Ti P122N, 1GB, DVI-I/DVI-D/mHDMI
    9168H Nvidia GeForce GTX645 OHGA4/M301N, 1GB, DVI-I/DP/HDMI
    R5H2D Nvidia GeForce GT635 M210N, 1GB, VGA/DVI-D/HDMI

    9KYFK AMD Radeon R9 270 RD14D-P1-70, 2GB, DVI-I/DVI-D/DP/HDMI
    WNMHJ AMD Radeon HD8870, 2GB, DVI-I/mDP/mDP/HDMI
    51NCR AMD Radeon HD7570 M209A, 1GB, DVI-I/HDMI (Win 8)

  • System Model = XPS 8700
    Bios = A08
    Power Supply = Corsair TX650W
    Video Card = EVGA 980 GTX Superclocked
    Issue = Adding video card causes Black Screen on bootup
    Troubleshooting Details = Can boot once if i physically remove the card, boot to internal graphics and set bios to secure boot off - legacy.  On 2nd power up i get a black screen only.  I have tried using hdmi and DVI.  System is windows 7 x64 ultimate.  Same system works with AMD 7970 and R260x and 7850.  There is currently a Level 3 support ticket with the following info Service Request Number <Do not post this publicly>. Express Service Code <Do not post this publicly> - I expect a call back on Tuesday regarding this.  I have about 20 hours of my time in at this point and hope not to have to build a new machine. - I suggest that you have the make of the video card added to your template because so far we have only found EVGA.

  • System Model = XPS 8700
    Bios: A08
    Power Supply: Cosair 600 W PSU
    Video Card: EVGA GTX 980 Superclocked
    Issue: Adding video card causes Black Screen on boot up.

    Troubleshoot Details:
    1) Install the A08 BIOS update from the Dell Drivers Page
    2) Remove the GPUs. Connect display to the Intel(Motherboard's GPU). Disable Secure Boot
    3) Plug in the GTX 970 with the display connected only to GTX 970. It will boot exactly once
    4) Once you shutdown or restart for any reason, it will enter in an infinite boot cycle
    5) The only way to make it boot again is to remove the GPU. Boot once on Intel GPU. Shutdown the system. Connect the GTX 970 again. It will boot again exactly once. No mercies

    Dell, EVGA, Nvidia, please fix this issue as there are thousands of XPS 8700s out there.


  • Just to emphasize if it's isn't clear -- the 970 does work perfectly that first time that it does boot.  No crashes, great 3D performance.  You just can't boot again without physically taking it out, booting, putting it back in.

  • System Model = XPS 8700
    Bios = A08
    Power Supply = PSU CORSAIR| CX600 600W RT (had same behavior with Dell PSU)
    Video Card = EVGA GTX 970
    Issue = Adding video card causes Black Screen on boot up
    Troubleshooting Details =
    1. Install Bios A08
    2. Set Bios to Secure Boot - OFF
    3. Swap in EVGA GTX 970
    4. Boot computer up. Computer will boot to windows with no issues
    5. Reset computer. Computer will not proceed passed post. Blank screen. If I boot with video card in the second time, and monitor is connected to motherboard, I see dell logo and it hangs

  • Sorry, for #5, if I boot with video card in the second time, and monitor is connected to motherboard, I see dell logo and it hangs.

  • System Model = XPS 8700
    Bios = A08
    Power Supply = Corsair RM650 (650w). 
    Video Card = ASUS NVidia GTX 980, factory settings
    Issue = Adding video card causes Black Screen on boot up
    Troubleshooting Details = 

    Exactly the same issue as other posters here. Brand new XPS8700, delivered yesterday. 

    - Tested the PSU - system is stable and working with onboard graphics, plus also stable with the OEM shipped GTX750ti 

    - BIOS is in UEFI, Secure Boot is Off, tried with and without Legacy support.

    - When I inserted the card for the first time, there was a blank screen on boot. Following advice of others on a generic Nvidia forum, I booted into safe mode, disabled Intel HD drivers (not uninstalled, just disabled). Was then able to reconnect the card and boot with the 980 inserted and driving the monitor, then able to install the latest Nvidia drivers (revision 344.16)

    - Upon powering down and restarting, card was again sending no signal to the monitor (tried Display Port and DVI). Physically removed the card, used the motherboard Display Port, and the system would then boot successfully.

    - Again, on powering down, on re-inserting the card, the system will boot with the 980 installed once, before not booting again on the next cycle. Have been through this cycle 5+ time with the same result.

    Other Notes

    - When the system does let me boot with the 980 installed and giving a signal to the monitor, there are two quick beeps from the motherboard.

    - When the card is installed and the system is booted, yet no signal received, I believe the system still loads the OS (eg progresses past the BIOS). The HDD light is in use for the approximate amount of time it takes to boot, and also a long press of the power button is required to shut down the system (unlike a short press if the machine was stuck at BIOS/Startup Repair)

    - I have contacted Nvidia who have told me they have been able to replicate this problem in house with an XPS8700. 

    - Like the poster above, IF I am booting with the 980 installed and its not giving a signal, changing to the display port on the motherboard just shows the dell logo, without any loading indication

    Thank you Dell and Nvidia for taking this so seriously.These are not cheap cards, or systems, I realize the card requires an upgrade to the PSU which may not be strictly supported by Dell, however there will be thousands others who will be upgrading to Maxwell cards, and this issue neds to be addressed.

    Myself I purchased this system for the purpose of upgrading to a maxwell card, so having spent quite a bit on this set up I am quite frustrated that I am unable to use the machine for what I intended.

    Please let me know if you need any more details about my system.



  • All I see here is people with A08 bios. I'm pretty sure that if someone could revert back to A03 the problem would be solved. I already posted the link on the procedure to do a bios revert a few days ago just like I did back in March because A06 was a major pain for the boot process. Can someone try and revert bios and then start over with the installation of the GTX970?

  • System Model = XPS 8700
    Bios = A08/A06/A03
    Power Supply = Seasonic 650W
    Video Card = EVGA GTX 970 SC
    Issue = Adding video card causes Black Screen on boot up
    Troubleshooting: Pending

    Wowsers, I want to try your idea. Is there a legitimate place to download A03. I only see A06 on the Dell website. I had a 770 GTX and now I am stuck in the no boot up. 

    Update: Downgraded to A03/A06 and still no boot Sad C'mon Dell, you're going to make me go DIY in the future with this lack of support. 

  • I have reached out to Nvidia and they said that they are investigating this issue. I traded in my EVGA GTX 980 SC for the EVGA GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0 version, because they will probably just have a fix by the time I get it in a few weeks.

  • 650W imho is too small.  850W is more likely to be successful.

    When you get a card that uses 372W / 31 Amps or more on the 12v rails you should factor that in.  12v X 31 Amps = 372 This is why dedicated Juice box is 450W. The Video card is NOT the ONLY thing using 12v power.  The slot provides 75W and each 6 pin connector is for 150W so a card with 2X 6 pin connectors wants 375W. If the Stated 165W power stated by NVIDIA is true then why do they need TWO aux power connections? Other way to look at this is 165W = 13.75 amps on the 12v rail. Someone isn't being forthcoming here.They cant hide behind the PCIe 300W High Power CEM Spec while at the same time saying the card is only using 165W.




    All Vendors have reality distortion matrix in effect. The TX650 Label says this:

    3.3v  X 24 Amps    = 079.2 W

    5V  X 30 Amps = 150 W

    12v X 52 Amps = 624 W

    12v X .8  Amps = 009.6 W

    5v X 3 Amps = 15 W

    Which is 877.8 Watts



    You can't Get all the rated power on all the rails all at the same time.

    03.3v X 25 Amps = 082.5 W

    05.0v X 25 Amps = 125.0 W

    12.0v X 70 Amps = 840.0 W

    12.0v X .5  Amps = 006   W

    05.0v X 3  Amps = 15  W

    So 82.5 + 125 + 840 + 6 + 15 = 1068.5 Watts.  This is for a TX850

    460W + 372W = 832W

    460W + 450W Juice Box = 910




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  • Some fancy stuff but I think you make things more complicated than needed really

    Taken from Nvidia website is the specs for the GTX970


  • Nvidia is saying 145W for the 970 and 165W for the 980.

    145W / 12 v  = 12.083333333 Amps

    165W / 12v =  13.75 Amps

    This is clearly disingenous.

    Dell 7YC7C 460W power supply Label.

    Again with the reality distortion

    If you add 142W + 385W = 527Watts total.  Dell Doesn't list this as such though they say 460W.

    I believe that 150W of graphics power is stated as a spec for the 8500 and 8700 systems Aka 1 6 Pin Connector.

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    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
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  • Nvidia says a minimum of 500W of power is needed to run the GTX970 so an AX760 by Corsair (the one I have on my XPS8700) is ample enough

  • I have been running an amd 7970 on the corsair tx650w for quite a while.  According to Anandtech it uses a little more power than the 980GTX. 

    To the Gentleman with the seasonic, is that one with modular power? if so what cable and port on the seasonic are you using to go to the motherboard's 12v 4 pin connector next to cpu?  I was unable to find one/get it to boot when i used my seasonic 750 Gold.