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Inspiron 580 Graphics card upgrade

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I have a a Inspiron™ 580 currently using the built in graphics, after recently adding dual monitors im noticing some lag playing certain games. And in general im looking to try something better. I have been looking at the Palit GeForce GT 630 2GB PCI-Express does anyone know if its a good upgrade for my Dell. I have added a 500w PSU already.

Or if anyone else recommends something better. I have a budget of £50 tbh on a reasonable card.

Also to add how can i find out if my machine has 1066mhz or 1333mhz Ram chips.

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Video Built in  Intel GMA HD

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  • Hi KRIS537,

    Inspiron 580 desktop has been tested to work with nVidia geforce GT310 and GT220 video cards. GT630 is a PCI Express video card and Inspiron 580 has a PCI Express x16 2.0 slot ; it should work well with your system. Good move to upgrade the power supply to 500W which meets the minimum power requirements of the video card. 

    Cost of video cards may vary from region to region. You may want to explore online/local stores to find if a better card is available within your budget.

    While researching I came across an interesting article that talks about 'Graphics card hierarchy' withing different budgets (You may find it useful) Here

    For installing video card, You may refer to the Service Manual Here 

    You may check the memory speed in system BIOS by following the steps below :

    • Power on the computer
    • Press F2 button when you see the Dell logo
    • Press Enter on 'System Info' to check the 'Memory Speed'

    Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any further questions. 

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sundeep B
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  • hi thanks for the reply did you mean GT210 not GT310?

    best price i found for the GT630 is £39 quid

  • You would probably be better off with an HD 6670 for any type of gaming versus the GT 630 given both have GDDR3 memory. You can find one HERE to meet your budget.  I don't care for the low profile Palit card since the cooling won't be as good with its small fan.  Full size cards are better in the Mini Tower cases if you can fit one in.  Gaming can really heat things up.