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Dell Inspiron 560 New Graphics Card

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I'm wanting to upgrade the graphics card in my Dell Inspiron 560, it's just over 2 years old and it currently has a ATI Radeon 5450 that came with it 6gb RAM and Pentium Dual Core E5500 2.80ghz which isn't that great but I don't want to be upgrading that as i'll be getting a new pc some time soon.

It will be used for games mostly The Sims 3 with all Ep's, WoW, Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2. On the current card at the moment The Sims plays with all the settings near enough maxed out so that's fine. WoW most settings are set to about medium but i'd like them to be on high. Same goes for Diablo and Gw2, not entirely fussed about playing them on the max settings just want them to be a little better than what they are now.

I've been looking at this one and it's also been recommended to me by a few friends,

However i'm not sure it'll work with my pc. My friends have said it will but the thing im worried about is my PSU and if it's good enough for it, I think it's 300w but not entirely sure. So will it run on my pc? And also improve gameplay a little?

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  • Hi flo88,

    The minimum supply requirements for the AMD Radeon HD 7750 Series graphics card is 400W power supply and Inspiron 560 Mini Tower has a 300W power supply. You will need to upgrade the power supply unit with a minimum rating of 400W to use the card.

    Please let me know if you need further information.

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  • The HD 7750 will be fine.  It is superior to your HD 5450.  No one considers the HD 5450 to be any kind of gaming card at all. Others have already been using the HD 7750 on their Dell 300 watt power supplies and it is not a problem.  It is the best card you can get unless you upgrade your PSU.  

  • the HD 7750 does not require anywhere near a 400w power supply ... if you read the many reviews on people are using them in systems as low as 220watt Inspiron 660s.  That card will play the heck out of World Of Warcraft in your system.

  • Thanks for the replies I appreciate it I think I'm gonna get the card in the next few week. I have one more question though, I've never opened up my PC since I bought it so have no idea what the spacing or anything is like inside it, will the card fit in without much hassle?

  • It will fit fine.  Just follow the instructions in your manual HERE.  Click on the Technology Guide for installation information. Make sure you uninstall the driver for your HD 5450 before removing it in your add/remove programs. You should download the newest driver for the HD 7750 and your operating system from the AMD website and have in on your desktop ready to install.  

  • To be on the safe side, I would upgrade your PSU. The 560 will take any ATX type PSU.


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  • an entire system with an HD 7750 going at maximum will only draw about 205 watts of power total ... he doesn't need to upgrade his power supply ...

  • Thanks again for the replies they've helped and im definitely gonna be ordering the card as soon as im paid. Another question though the one i've linked, what's the difference between that and these two?

    Is it just the brand/design of them or something more?

  • specs seem to match ... I have never heard of the VTX brand but that is probably just because its not sold in the states.  Both cards can run up to 3 monitors (eyefinity) ... reviews look good on both ... I kind of like the VTX design without the GIANT goofy looking fan.

  • I don't care for the VTX card.  It is a single slot card for if you don't have room for dual slot cards.  It has a small fan and most likely will not keep it nearly as cool as the Asus.  Larger fans tend to be more quiet and keep things cooler along with larger heatsinks.  The HD 7750 is probably not going to run too hot anyway, but I still don't like the design based a a full size card.  Looks primitive like the old days before they made dual slot cards.  

  • Finally ordered the card should get it within the next few days. Now, not to sound like a complete idiot or anything but where abouts do I uninstall my current cards driver from? I can't find anything in add/remove programmes apart from ATI Catalyst Control Center? Never really had to it before with other pcs with them having intergrated graphics so was just a case of popping the cards in and getting the drivers.