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no HDMI / no monitor detected on HDMI port


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no HDMI / no monitor detected on HDMI port

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i have a new Inspiron One 2330 on Windows 8 OS

i was trying to connect my LG TV to my computer through the HDMI port, but it seems like the computer either doesn't output

signal through the HDMI nor recognize that i have connected my TV . (in the control panel .. display.. screen resolution i press detect i get "another display not detected)

any ideas on how to use my TV so i can output / watch movies 

tanks you!


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  • Hi Yeger,

    Looking at the back panel in the quick start guide, I see only one HDMI port, but it's HDMI in, not out.


    The only video out port is VGA.


  • yeger,

    osprey4 is correct. Added some picts to help explain.

    1 Infrared (IR) blaster connector (optional) - Connects to an external IR device such as a set-top box.
    2 S/PDIF connector - Connects to amplifiers, speakers, or TVs for digital audio output through optical digital cables.
    3 VGA-in connector - Connects to the VGA-output connector on your computer.
    4 HDMI-in - When connected an external device such as a video camera, the computer can project the output on the display.
    5 Composite AV connectors - Connects to an external composite AV device.
    6 TV-in connector (optional) - Connects to an external antenna to view programs using the optional TV tuner card.

    1 PSU BIST Button — Used to test PSU functionality.
    2 PSU BIST LED — Glows solid green when the BIST button is pressed if the PSU is working OK.
    3 Power Connector — Connects to power cord from the wall outlet.
    4 Audio Out Connector — Connects to external speakers.
    5 Security cable slot — Attaches a commercially available security cable to the computer.
    6 USB 3.0 Connectors (2) — Connects to external USB devices.
    7 USB 2.0 Connectors (2) — Connects to external USB devices.
    8 Network connector - Connects your computer to a network or a broadband device if you are using a wired network. The two lights next to the connector indicate status and activity for a wired network connection.
    9 VGA-out connector - Connects to the VGA-input connector on your computer.


  • hmmm never thought of that.. :(

    thank you for the quick reply..

    do you have any idea how can i play movies on my computer and watch them on a TV (HD)

    appreciate your help

  • The best option is VGA out from the computer to the TV. But you'll need a separate stereo audio cable from the L/R RCA jacks into your TV.

  • thank you all for your help!

  • I was attempting to do the same and from the responses it appears that the HDMI connection will not work because it is HDMI in vs. out.  Please forgive my ignorance but per the additional pictures posted by Chris M, this shows the HDMI and the VGA as both in.  Osprey4, before I go purchase a VGA connector will that work even if the HDMI in will not?  I'm trying to set my TV (RCA) up as a second monitor.  Thanks.

  • Never mind.  Should have looked closer at the second set of pictures showing the VGA out slot.